Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Zionist cesspool: Syria today, America tomorrow

Response to some damn-fool-with-a-penis who calls himself "The Eagle".  I don't remember where.

Flag-draped, Kool-Aid saturated patriot zombie spouting pure unadulterated "rah rah USA" propaganda, with a pinch of ye olde anti-Communism thrown in.  Not one original thought, not a single thought of your own.  A tribal robot.

On behalf of Israel, the subverted US Govt, using State, the DOD, and the CIA, created the war in Syria.  You got that, douchebag?  The war in Syria is an illegal war of aggression, using proxy terrorist mercenaries -- al Qaeda and ISIS -- to overthrow the legitimate govt of Syria.  Every single death resulting from that war, every single refugee fleeing for their lives from the US created horror, every single one, is a criminal act for which Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clinton -- following the Neocon program -- are culpable.

Syria/Assad are fighting a totally legitimate defensive war against the criminal monsters sicced on them by the US/UK, their degenerate Sunni Gulf allies, and Erdogan's Turkey,... with Israel -- Oded Yinon plan -- behind it all.  

And regarding all those "innocent" civilians.... They are Sunni tribalists in revolt.  They don't do democracy,  they don't do freedom, they don't do justice.  They do tribal tyranny.  And if they "won" the war they would be ten times as brutal and tyrannical as Assad.  They support the Sunni jihadists monsters fighting Assad's stabilizing leadership, and the reasonable and logical thing to do to such traitors and their terrorist buddies is to bomb them all.  Bomb them and bomb them and bomb them,... until they either surrender or die.  It's called war, and it's a nasty business, and if they can't handle it, they shouldn't have started it.  

Now that they have started it, they discover that all their people -- their families and friends, women and children, old and young, doctors, nurses, poets, and clergy -- end up being slaughtered by the neighborhood-full.  Surprise!, surprise!  It's called "war".  

There are lessons to be learned here: "Jihad" is a lot more "glorious" when it's going your way, when you're dishing rather than suffering the head-chopping.  And perhaps the most important lesson: you screwed up big time when you trusted the CIA-sponsored NGOs that encouraged you to revolt in the first place.  As to your current predicament, here's the answer: flee the death zone and surrender to the legitimate govt forces.  That's the way to keep you and your family from being blown to bits.  Otherwise, it's stay put and die.  You make the call.  

Death and destruction is the inevitable fate of those who throw in with the Zionist-subverted US, the fully-owned subsidiary of the Zionist crime-in-progress that is Israel.

Your country Mr. Eagle is being violated by the Zionists, and all you can say is "Putin did it!", and beg for more.  Your mindless stupidity and easy manipulation are the reasons your beloved country is being sucked dry.   America is being flushed down the Zionist toilet, and you are the reason why.   I hope you are young enough to enjoy a long life living neck-deep in a Zionist cesspool.

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