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Can Israel now be sued for its "terrorist" attack on the USS Liberty?

The following is a comment posted to the article

House Unanimously Passes Saudi 9/11 Lawsuit Bill

I was responding to another comment cascade which went:

Ricardo CabezaUSS Liberty survivors and families can finally sue Israel! 

to which masmanz replied: 

masmanzThey were attacked by Israeli military not by terrorists. It is terrorism only if done by non-state actors. This bill will not allow harmed Iraqis to sue the US government.

Whereupon I commented:

I doubt this "technicality" will matter. What will matter is whether or not Americans were killed. That will be enough for the legal process to be initiated. After that the usual political "thumb on the scales" will doubtless be applied. What favors the case against Israel for the USS Liberty attack is the "special status" -- the "patriotism amplification factor" if you will -- afforded murdered American military personnel. Also, with the internet providing access to the nasty truth about Israeli behavior past and present, shredding the Zionist-controlled MSM pro-Zionist narrative, the perception of Israeli behavior has become substantially more negative, which is to say more consistent with the truth.

Working against the case of course -- and it's a "yuuuuge" negative -- is the pervasive Zionist influence -- dare I say "control" -- in both the DoJ and the judiciary. Jewish judges, Jewish prosecuters, Jewish Congresspeople, Jewish campaign contributors, etc have pervasive influence in any Israel-related matter.
Taking into account these various factors -- including the Lavon affair, the dancing Israelis of 911, the pre-911 Israeli "art student" espionage -- a terrorism case against Israel for the USS Liberty attack could be a very spicy affair.

I'm posting this here to preserve this comment from "moderation" ie censorship/deletion, because all too frequently those of my comments which are critical of Israel are disposed of -- inappropriately in my view -- by moderator Thomas Knapp.


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