Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Trump Era begins

From the Washington Post
Morell and Vickers: An open letter to Donald Trump

These intelligence community flacks are professional liars from the Professional Liars Institute(the CIA). Believing them is an act of infantile gullibility, and in this case gullibility abetted by a longing for the old days of the anti-commie hate fest addiction. These spook boosters want the gravy train of perpetual war to continue. Trump sees endless war as both dangerous and wasteful, and an artificially pumped up antagonism with Russia and China as unnecessary, stupid, dangerous, and wasteful and will seek to put an end to it. The spooky boys feel threatened. A dearth of credible boogiemen means unemployment and loss of prestige for death-worshippers of every stripe. So naturally they are applying their "trade-craft" of mind-rape to forestall the looming threat of peace.  

Yet there is hope -- the success of the Trump "movement" in spite of comprehensive MSM opposition is suggestive -- that the American people see through the establishment anti-Trump crusade. In fact, it may actually be the case that every time Trump is slammed by the ruling class hacks, the regular folks take it as a sign that Trump is their guy. The American people are smarter than they look -- they just never had a ***SMART*** choice before -- as the smug ruling-class elites will soon discover.  

I prefer Trump the Builder to Hillary the Destroyer. 

And so, the Trump era begins. Ivanka Trump will be elected the first woman president in 2024. The Trump team will indeed make America great again,... because Trump delivers. (And you thought it was just a slogan!) 

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