Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Celebrity Death Match of the Millennium!

The Saudis -- ***NOT IRAN*** -- are the world's leading state sponsors of terrorism and facilitated the 911 attacks. The Saudi oligarchs fund the Wahhabi clerics who run the madrasas across the Muslim world that train the extremist jihadi fighters that spread radical Islamic terror worldwide. The 911 attack was an act of war -- the "Pearl Harbor" -- used cynically by the Neocons as an excuse to destroy Iraq, while the real culprits, the Saudis, were given a pass, the "28 pages", "the smoking gun", held back. And let's not forget the near certainty that the Israelis had foreknowledge of the coming attack and held back that vital information from their American "ally". The Zionist subversion of the US Govt by the Neocons and AIPAC -- Israeli agents -- places beyond the realm of imagining even the mere suggestion of a casus belli case against Israel, no matter the facts: "Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason." John Harington The Saudis, by virtue of big oil money and billions in MIC purchases, have also enjoyed a protected status, (though not nearly the total immunity enjoyed by Israel -- the "special relationship"). That said, in light of Saudi complicity in 911 revealed the 28 pages, and their central role in spreading Wahhabi terrorism, the American people would have no problem whatsoever supporting a war to terminate the degenerate Saudi regime and the cancer they spread worldwide. The Trump movement has broken the "rationality logjam" created by the PC/Zionist "narrative", and the emerging truth is making reality-based policy -- ie ***rational policy***, which is to say ***effective*** policy -- accessible. "Take the oil" says Trump, and the PC police scream "Outrageous!" Really now? Deprive radical Islamic terrorism, the enemy of modern civilization, the resources, the economic fuel for their savage worldwide onslaught? This is "outrageous"? No, this is the emergence, finally, of rational thought from the delusional fog of Kool-Aid saturation. Disorienting and refreshing is the light of truth,... at last. And all that formerly-Saudi oil wealth confiscate it. Confiscate as well, from their accounts, all the preciously accumulated Saudi wealth: as penalty for terror sponsorship. Cancel/retire that 750 billion in Saudi-held US treasuries. Just cancel it! Then, take all those trillions and create a new home for the Palestinians, modernize the Arab world, and bring prosperity to Arab "Main Street". Maybe, just maybe, that might bring peace to the Mideast, ya think? Thank you, presumptive President-elect Donald Trump, for all this. For innovation in the political system. For the inspiration, the optimism, and the return to rational self-interest. For restoring representation to the American people, for putting Americans first, and for restoring America to reality-based thinking and the rational policies it enables. Thank you for putting our neoliberal-and-Neocon beleaguered country back on the path to greatness. (Please God, let Hillary live long enough to participate in the debates. It would be deplorable if the reality tv celebrity-death-match-of-the-millennium -- The Trumpinator vs Godzillary the Destroyer -- were cancelled due to Hag-O-War enfeeblement.)

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