Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Galactus-36215 writes:

Tell us what Trump has done for the “American working man” since he’s been in office? The only thing I can think of is withdrawing from TPP. But beyond that, what else?
He’s proposing kicking 23M working men/woman off of healthcare insurance. How does that ‘help’ them?

This -- your entire post -- is exactly the kind of Kool-Aid inspired ignorance I'm talking about.

First, the presidency is a four year job, and in Trump's case he's working against the comprehensive obstruction of practically everyone in the upper ten percent plus the noisy pc/snowflake zombies, plus the IC spook army of the one percent.   Which has been going on since July of 2016. They've been fighting him for ten months, while he's only been in the big chair, with the -- hobbled -- power of the executive, for four months. And you're giving him a hard time!? Already!?

This is going to be a long slog.  First, Trump has to get settled in, then he has to learn the way of things, and then he has to decide what he can accomplish with "carrots" and then who or what needs the stick, how to use the stick, and how much stick.  Personally, since I don't see the Neocons or the Oligarchy backing down,...ever,... I foresee some serious political bloodshed, some real Game of Thrones drama.  That is, ***IF*** Trump is as committed to winning, as fearless, and as persistent -- is he the fighter that this Trump supporter hopes he is? (If not, he's toast, the swamp will absorb him).  We shall see.

Re the "millions will lose their healthcare" issue.  All who repeat this phrase are manifestly dishonest. First, the CBO report said "if implemented" and "over ten years".  It's not happened, has not been implemented and won't be implemented.  Because "repeal and replace" is a process.  A legislative process.  The healthcare issue is in the hands of the Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell GOP incompetent old guard.  So it's not gonna happen.  They'll talk and fuss around -- first in the House, and then in the Senate, for a year and a half -- and nothing will get done.  Repeal won't happen, replace won't happen.  But it will be on the heads of Ryan & McConnell, not Trump.  All the way to 2018.  When the Ryan/McConnell old guard will be replaced by Trump supporters, who will then, with the help of the few remaining Dems -- the Dem party will be decimated in 2018 -- repeal & replace Obamacare with a private-insurance-banned, single-payer, universal healthcare system.

It's a process.  A long two, four, even eight year process.  During which Obamacare will become more and more oppressive, until finally the  legislature matches the electorate in their support for single-payer.  Every project has a schedule.  It's not magic, it's real world.  Trump is real world. Warts and all.

But you're so caught up in your hate-Trump petulance that you drag your feet and delay the process, instead of getting on board, and persuading Trump that he can become the hero president he wants to be if he bitch-slaps the Congress into passing single payer.

We're in the midst of a political revolution here in the US.  Bernie-the-revolutionary lost, but Trump-the-revolutionary won. If you want the Trump revolution to be a revolution that works for you, you have to get on board.  Trump's the only game in town.

It's going to be a long war, and dramatic.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Treason at the Washington Post

The Washington Post is owned by Bezos, who has a 10 year $650 million contract with the CIA for internet services.  The Democratic party, the deep state, the media, and the intelligence community -- the CIA et al -- have all been working tirelessly from election-day-plus-one to bring down the Trump presidency.  They have placed their bets on the "treasonous cooperation with the Russian enemy" storyline as the centerpiece of the delegitimization/path-to-impeachment effort.  A media defamation storm -- "Russian interference!", "Russian hacking!", "Russian collusion!" -- has been pumped relentlessly across the airwaves and in print since the Obama Admin assigned Comey and the FBI in July 2016 to investigate putatively "suspicious" connections between Russia and the Trump campaign et al.

The campaign of delegitimization has continued, and even intensified, despite eight months of investigation without a shred of evidence emerging to support the allegations.  Now, on the occasion of the first official meeting of the President of the United States with Russia's top diplomatic officials, we have "reports" of presidential misconduct/negligence in national security matters off the highest order!  

Trump is a Russian spy!  Oh please!!

This is a domestic false flag against the duly elected President.  This is a soft coup by the intelligence community against American democracy.  Knowledge of "highly classified material"-- keep in mind that it's BS -- supposedly revealed -- again, more BS -- by the President could only have come from leaks from the CIA, passed deliberately to The Washington Post which has long served as the go to publisher for CIA domestic "perception management" efforts.

The default assumption in this matter can only be that this is an utterly transparent continuation of the ongoing effort by the IC/deep state to subdue/destroy an elected president.  This is blatant, full-on treason.

The Washington Post is up to its eyeballs in treason.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Something worth saving

Something worth saving
Daganawida's poetic comments to the article:
what do you kill for?
Ahh you bomb
In the name of democracy
They kill in the name
Of islam
Who is the greater fool?
Tell the orphan
Now he’s free
Free to walk
without mother
Without his dad
Without a home
He must thank the usa
Or does he thank the taliban
Tell the homeless
You’ve wrecked the place
Slaughtered so many
And now you will leave
Go do the same
Down the road
Till you globally suppress
All those who say no
Leave them a bill
Like you just did cambodia
Turn your back
On the struggling refugees
You've created
Convince yourself
The darkness is light
Bad is good(for you of course)
overseas victims
Not even human enough
to be your poolboy
Scorn the dead you’ve killed
In the name of god
For your country
Other holy names
You perverse and defame
Its all about profit
A profit you pay the price for
But never share
As you pay to kill
Send your kids to destro
Its insanity to kill like this
You got the might
But never
Will have the right
Someday a price
A cost
Will backblow to your shores
When chickens come home to roost
Back home
Deep under the sand
Feed the bs machine
Salute the troopers
Praise be the killers
Bend a knee
Thank the troops
Perpetual war
For profit
For a buck
That cannon fodder
Never share
But the parades go on
You gotta wake up
Before its too late
Before we’re great
Again and again and again
It’s all a criminal sham…
And you're a part
Part of the scam
With innocent blood on your hands


Silent Slaughter
Bombs never here
sent over there
we are good
they are bad
go to sleep
my children
nothing to hear
But a
silent slaughter
loud and clear
a crescendo of horror
a concerto of terror
playing jingo risk
for a higher profit margin
Fire all around
smoke black and thick
screaming victims
torn from limb to limb
but you never hear
cause its silent slaughter
over there
never here
you're the good guy
and you dont have to
worry think or criticize
we have that too…
We murder god and country
I was just doing my duty
I get a medal
I am honored
Its insanity folks

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sunshine on the Suck-ups

In response to an article -- "a splendid little war could end Trump's presidency" -- by Jim Jatras

Jatras is a perfect example of the comprehensive cluelessnesss of the political class. Here, on display is the reason US foreign policy has been a flat out disaster for the last thirty years. Generations in the echo chamber of foreign policy "expertise", where the rule is bobble-headed yes-man servility and craven obsequiousness to the interests of the 1%, has lead US foreign policy to a place where an enforced and self-reinforcing notion of "expertise" is in fact zombified incompetence.

Trump is in the big chair. That Jatras cannot see him except through the lens of "a shallow, superficial, unqualified Twitter-addicted unstable personality who never should have been allowed into the Oval Office..." clearly indicates that a war for the definition of "qualified", "expertise", and "reality-connected",... a war for the control of the cultural narrative, a war over who is ***QUALIFIED*** to lead American politics is engaged. If Trump proves to be a frikkin genius, a masterful political operator, and a pragmatic "peace-monger" who can rescue the US -- and the world -- from the death spiral of American Imperial militarism, then the Jatrases of the world -- overpaid, arrogant, self-important parasites -- will be discredited, and kicked to the curb, as they should be. At which point American can start on the long road to recovery. 

I know that many, like Jatras, hoping for his own rescue in Trump's demise, will point to Trump's recent apparent bellicosity, and say he's gone over to the "same old same old" war-mongery. But these are ninth or tenth generation political hacks, blinded from birth by Neocon Kool-Aid. They are thoroughly disconnected from reality and frankly ***INCAPABLE*** of competence. So their wishful and whimsical "visions of sugar plums" -- ie Trump's early departure -- will "poof!" be gone when Trumpian success at last shines a light on their catastrophically destructive "leadership" in the post ww2 period. 

Three years nine months to go. Check back in again when you actually have some evidence to support your crackpot hopefulness.