Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump and the "Big Dog" instinct

My response to a comment by Thomas Knapp, Moderator at, to his comment re:

by Justin Raimondo


Trump is a builder not a destroyer. He has already indicated he doesn't approve of the Neocons and their policy, doesn't approve of NATO, particularly a NATO that rips off the US taxpayer on behalf of Neocons/Neoliberals with a war-dependent profit center, doesn't see the sense in adversarial belligerence with Russia and China rather than a mutually beneficial, constructive and cooperative relationship, and has stated that the greatest threat to humanity lies in the immense destructive power of modern weaponry. While Trump has declared himself "the most miltaristic", he has made it clear that the intent of that "strength" is the avoidance of conflict. So clearly, Trump is no war-monger. On he contrary, he is a "peace and constructive engagement"-monger
I suspect, from what I have personally experienced from Mr. Moderator Thomas Knapp, that he responds to The Donald with the typical alpha male reflex: has to bark back at the decidedly bigger "big dog".
There's a lot of that alpha male response to Trump going around. Wait and see -- you read it here first -- when they have exhausted themselves barking and posturing, when they have satisfied their emotional need to confirm their own manhood by performing the ritual dance of dominance/submission, they will crouch in fawning adoration at the feet of the mutually acknowledged "winner", the dominant one, the "big dog". Trump wins in a landslide, or as I like to say, "Trump, the presumptive President-elect."
The rest of us like him because he makes sense.
Humans at the personal level are primarily instinct-driven creatures. Whatever rationality they pat themselves on the back for actually stems from the primitive instinct for self-preservation, which is at all times put in danger by the testosterone-driven compulsion to dominate. Men are mostly jerks. In this electoral season "the primitive" is on display as never before. What a spectacle: Donald Trump bjtch-slaps the predator class. It doesn't get any better than this. Well, that is until the main event, the celebrity death-match of the millennium, the evisceration of Hillary "anti-Christ-with-a-vagina" Clinton. Gives me a hard-on just thinking about it.
Welcome to the world-as-televised-digital-reality-show.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Trump fragment - draft

Excellent post Dan, and indeed you got it right. Mr. Trump is courting danger if he is seen to be making peace with the establishment Republicans.  That is, peace on any other terms than "the Trump way or the highway", because these are exactly the political parasites whose screams of pain at Trump's success have motivated so many voters across the political spectrum to side with Trump. I come away from the last few days of this "reunification" effort with a uneasy feeling of suspicion and dismay.  Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are the establishment political species I despise, and the hostile takeover of the Republican Party by Trump the source of my enthusiastic support.

Obviously, Trump has done quite well so far, his political instincts near-perfect, he is a natural.   But now that he's transitioning from the primary campaign to the general, there's ample opportunity for him to stumble.   So far, his wrecking-ball style and tone have been fabulously successful, and I hope that he will avoid any suggestion to abandon that successful approach.   Lewandowski, his campaign manager, has often said, "Let Trump be Trump."  And I enthusiastically agree.   Until proven otherwise,  I would say stick with what has worked so well up till now, encourage Mr. Trump and his instinct free reign to continue to succeed.

 Also, I am not convinced that "unifying" the party is the right thing to do.   I'm more inclined to consider comprehensively reinventing the Republican party.  "Renovate" the hard-right conservative party, and move to a Centrist populist party. In short, dump the far-right entirely, and shift the party to the center.  Lose voters on the right, gain more voters from the center-left.

There is an opportunity to take possession of substantial numbers of those independent and Democrat voters who are also in revolt.  Substantial numbers of Democrat voters, the Bernie vote for example, could be had by going Bernie one better, and offering free online university for everyone.  It's a very modern, hip notion.  It's innovative -- appeals to younger voters, the "Millenials" -- is fairly obvious and extremely cost-effective.

Another issue which would have legions of left, right, and center voters flocking to the Trump movement would be to refuse and denounce Dick Cheney's recently-declared support.  Trump should then declare that on his first day in office, the Trump Justice Department would indict Cheney, the architect of the "lie factory" -- the Office of Special Plans, that lied the country into Iraq -- for war crimes.  Holding accountable the most hated and most evil man in the country, would -- IMO -- win him the presidency in a single stroke.

Your thoughts, Dan?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time to drop that bomb, Donald

From the comments to:

State Dept: No Plans to Make Memo Calling for War Public

by Jason Ditz, June 17, 2016
Richard Young wrote:

As I recall it, the 9/11 attacks were made by 19 Al Qaeda terrorists, 15 of which were Saudis and ZERO were Syrians. The Syrian government is secular and is under armed attack by the Saudis; by mostly Sunni extremist groups (Al Nusra and ISIS, both of which emerged from Al Qaeda) who follow the teachings of Wahabi Sunni extremist clerics in Saudi Arabia. If our US Government has any justification for supporting "regime change" in the Middle East, the prime target ought to be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and not Syria. The Syrian regime has done absolutely nothing to harm US interests, unlike Saudi Arabia which has spread violent Sunni extremism all over the planet.

And I replied:

Exactly right,... fifteen years after 911, five years after the start of the Neocon/Saudi war to destroy Syria. Yet despite the flashing red, undeniable fact that Saudi Wahabism funded by Saudi oil money is the cancerous source and financial fuel for extreme Islamic terrorism from Morocco to Mindanao, this reality struggles even today to find expression in the MSM. The reason this remains suppressed is as obvious as it is criminal: huge American oil company profits and huge American arms manufacturer profits flow from Saudi oil money.
Time for Donald Trump. who and has no stake in tainted oil money -- to blow the lid off this criminal business. Executive bullet points: Bush family closeness to the Saudis -- inflamed nicely with photos of GWB holding hands with Bandar "Bush" -- The Carlyle Group principals, w/revenue stream details, Dick "Darkside" Cheney and his Halliburton connections.
As you know, Trump sought to tie Obama to the Orlando attack through the Obama administration's support for the anti-Assad "rebels" -- al Quaeda et al -- in Syria. (Though Trump didn't mention her, Hillary is linked as well, heading up as she did the Neocon-driven State Dept/CIA Syrian regime change effort.) So far, the media has deflected Trump's effort to get traction with that issue.
In stark contrast, the Saudi/Wahabbi/Bush/Cheney terrorist connection is a nuke-level monster issue primed for detonation. Hillary as the head of Obama's State Dept, would be caught well within the "blast radius". Time to drop that bomb, Donald.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Let the games begin

I like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson a lot, but I'm not insane, with or without my vote, they are not going to win. If you can suggest some reality-based path to a victory for either of these, I'm listening. If not, unpalatable as it may be, it's either Trump or Clinton. We know the horror we're in store for with Clinton. With Trump we have the Republican-primary performance, his New Yorker-style bluntness-verging-on-rudeness, and the establishment smear campaign of unsavory conjurations -- partisan exaggerations, amusing but unpersuasive to all but the Kool-Aid saturated (of both the left and the right).
What a spectacle!
And now for a bit of cynicism. If we have to get perpetually screwed by a phony, corrupt, incompetent, self-absorbed political class obsequiously in thrall to the 1% et al, the least they can do is up the entertainment value. And this electoral season we are being treated to a star-studded American Electoral Circus Spectacular: The American Presidency Reality Show starring Reality-Show Award Winner Donald "Make America Great Again" Trump vs Neoliberal Blood-drenched Anti-Christ-with-a-Vagina Death Machine Hillary "Sniper-fire" Clinton. The Celebrity "Death Match" of the Millennium. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.
Who wins? Who cares? Just give me my beer, my pizza, my 55 inch HD flatscreen, -- my Vasoline ration -- and let the games begin. Bïtchin'.

Friday, June 17, 2016

"Why?", the essential question

This comment was posted to both Asia Times Online and PJ Media where G*ldman/Sp*ngler publishes, in this case: "How Anti-Semitism Became Respectable Again".
But someone(G*ldman?) couldn't handle it and the comment was deleted from both sites.  Fortunately Disqus saved it.  So I've retrieved it and will repost it with asterisks -- * -- to avoid the moderation filters,...hopefully. 
Poor Mr. G*ldman, and oh, the poor long-suffering Jews! (Just to be clear, I'm an American and a Jew, and proud of both.) The post-holocaust sympathy, and media prohibition against criticism of Jewish behavior -- historic and current -- has come to an end. The internet has set it free. The truth is out, and no amount of tedious argumentation can keep it from the (all-important) American eyeballs. The wind of truth blows away the smoke of propaganda no matter how abundant.
The question is so obvious, so logical, so clearly the proverbial "elephant in the room". It is among the first questions learned by every human baby. It is the basis for all questions, the basis of curiosity, the starting point of all understanding, the starting point for the unfolding of all that is human. One simple word: "Why?" About everything in the universe, the need to understand begins with "why?" Because, as Shakespeare observed:
"...he that made us with such large discourse, looking before and after, gave us not that capability and godlike reason to fust in us unused."
Yet Mr. G*ldman insists that we must not ask "Why?" He insists rather that we must suppress our quest for the truth, and compel our "godlike reason to fust in us unused."
Not gonna happen. So, Masada-like in its hopelessness, G*ldman's quest -- "Move right along, nothing to see here." -- fails. And so, from behind the smoke, the question emerges:
"Why are the Jews hated?
Why have they been hated by practically everyone on the planet for their entire five-thousand year history?
*** What do they do to provoke this hatred?***
The answer, from a source of unimpeachable moral integrity, can be found here:
"Concerning the Jews" by Mark Twain
(Read it at least twice, because the enchantment spun by this literary masterpiece must, on first reading, distract from the facts presented. On second reading, note the remarkable fairness, and note the facts.) Here is the answer to "Why?"

Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump America is coming

After sixteen years of gloom, understandably depressed, one Zachary Smith writes, 

"I’ve been forced to admit to myself that unless some sort of miracle happens, Hillary is going to become President of the United States."

Whereupon, I attempt to brighten his outlook.  The clouds of dark despair brought on by sixteen years of failed governance is coming to an end.  Get ready to feel good again America. 

Calm yourself, miracles happen, Trump will win in a landslide.
From now to the Repub convention, Trump will pound on Hillary for her record of arrogance, incompetence, and failure. Then, when he has the nomination signed and irrevocably in his pocket, he will declare himself the new owner of the Republican brand, and reinvent the party as the party of Trump, a centrist/populist party of Main Street, of the working man/woman. Right wing extremists will cleave off (or stay on board out of force of habit or fear of abandonment in the political wilderness), but conservative democrats will flock to the new GOP as will women, Hispanics, and to a lesser extent the melanin-enriched. Why will these supposedly “unrecoverably alienated” voting blocks come on board? For the simple and obvious reason that Trump’s economic revitalization will focus on creating jobs. That’s jobs for everyone across the spectrum: whites, Hispanics, blacks, women,…everyone. Hillary, the other choice, the candidate of the neo-liberal establishment — corporations, bankers, the “one percent” — offers what? More of the same old same old. Feel good talk and empty promises. The Bill Cosby approach: drug them with promises, take what you want — ie their vote — and then kick them back into the gutter until the next election cycle.

The American people are sick to death of their serial screwing at the hands of the two-corrupt-party, good cop/bad cop political duopoly, but till now they were helpless to do anything about it. Then came Trump. Can he fix a broken America? Maybe yes, maybe no. But with Hillary you know for exactly what you're going to get: if you're lucky, you'll only get screwed the same as before, but if unlucky, possibly screwed even worse.

No way Hillary can overcome her record and her negatives. So get ready for a Trump renaissance.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The storm is coming

Once more into the breach.

Gary, a commenter to Anti-war article:

Susan Rice Assures Israel of ‘Largest Military Aid Package in American History’

Where weakling and Zionist suck-up Obama goes bend-over-America-Netanyahu-wants-to-roger-you-yet-again and pledges more billions for Israel.

"Gary" -- if that's his real name -- responds, "I'm proud of my country for helping countries like Israel that are the victims of aggression."

To which I reply:

What a Hasbara tool..
Israel/Zionists have subverted the US -- hijacked the government. Neocon -- ie Israeli agents -- have taken over the executive through DC Neocon think tanks, and taken over -- bought, bribed, threatened -- the Legislature through AIPAC-funneled Jewish Israel-firster money.  The American people are now Israel's bitch, as Israel loots the US treasury and bleeds military personnel in anti-Muslim wars to make the world safe for Israel. Every American should be disgusted and outraged. But not you, eh, Gary?
And the Zionist jackboot has been on the throat of every Arab in the Mideast since 1948 -- and on the throat of the Palestinians -- the primary victims -- since 1936.
Israel is nothing less than a geopolitical crime-in-progress.


The zionists have hoodwinked Westerners for a century now, but the internet has freed up the truth, and the tide is turning, at last.