Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The storm is coming

Once more into the breach.

Gary, a commenter to Anti-war article:

Susan Rice Assures Israel of ‘Largest Military Aid Package in American History’

Where weakling and Zionist suck-up Obama goes bend-over-America-Netanyahu-wants-to-roger-you-yet-again and pledges more billions for Israel.

"Gary" -- if that's his real name -- responds, "I'm proud of my country for helping countries like Israel that are the victims of aggression."

To which I reply:

What a Hasbara tool..
Israel/Zionists have subverted the US -- hijacked the government. Neocon -- ie Israeli agents -- have taken over the executive through DC Neocon think tanks, and taken over -- bought, bribed, threatened -- the Legislature through AIPAC-funneled Jewish Israel-firster money.  The American people are now Israel's bitch, as Israel loots the US treasury and bleeds military personnel in anti-Muslim wars to make the world safe for Israel. Every American should be disgusted and outraged. But not you, eh, Gary?
And the Zionist jackboot has been on the throat of every Arab in the Mideast since 1948 -- and on the throat of the Palestinians -- the primary victims -- since 1936.
Israel is nothing less than a geopolitical crime-in-progress.


The zionists have hoodwinked Westerners for a century now, but the internet has freed up the truth, and the tide is turning, at last.

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