Saturday, June 18, 2016

Let the games begin

I like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson a lot, but I'm not insane, with or without my vote, they are not going to win. If you can suggest some reality-based path to a victory for either of these, I'm listening. If not, unpalatable as it may be, it's either Trump or Clinton. We know the horror we're in store for with Clinton. With Trump we have the Republican-primary performance, his New Yorker-style bluntness-verging-on-rudeness, and the establishment smear campaign of unsavory conjurations -- partisan exaggerations, amusing but unpersuasive to all but the Kool-Aid saturated (of both the left and the right).
What a spectacle!
And now for a bit of cynicism. If we have to get perpetually screwed by a phony, corrupt, incompetent, self-absorbed political class obsequiously in thrall to the 1% et al, the least they can do is up the entertainment value. And this electoral season we are being treated to a star-studded American Electoral Circus Spectacular: The American Presidency Reality Show starring Reality-Show Award Winner Donald "Make America Great Again" Trump vs Neoliberal Blood-drenched Anti-Christ-with-a-Vagina Death Machine Hillary "Sniper-fire" Clinton. The Celebrity "Death Match" of the Millennium. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.
Who wins? Who cares? Just give me my beer, my pizza, my 55 inch HD flatscreen, -- my Vasoline ration -- and let the games begin. Bïtchin'.

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