Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Zionist cesspool: Syria today, America tomorrow

Response to some damn-fool-with-a-penis who calls himself "The Eagle".  I don't remember where.

Flag-draped, Kool-Aid saturated patriot zombie spouting pure unadulterated "rah rah USA" propaganda, with a pinch of ye olde anti-Communism thrown in.  Not one original thought, not a single thought of your own.  A tribal robot.

On behalf of Israel, the subverted US Govt, using State, the DOD, and the CIA, created the war in Syria.  You got that, douchebag?  The war in Syria is an illegal war of aggression, using proxy terrorist mercenaries -- al Qaeda and ISIS -- to overthrow the legitimate govt of Syria.  Every single death resulting from that war, every single refugee fleeing for their lives from the US created horror, every single one, is a criminal act for which Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clinton -- following the Neocon program -- are culpable.

Syria/Assad are fighting a totally legitimate defensive war against the criminal monsters sicced on them by the US/UK, their degenerate Sunni Gulf allies, and Erdogan's Turkey,... with Israel -- Oded Yinon plan -- behind it all.  

And regarding all those "innocent" civilians.... They are Sunni tribalists in revolt.  They don't do democracy,  they don't do freedom, they don't do justice.  They do tribal tyranny.  And if they "won" the war they would be ten times as brutal and tyrannical as Assad.  They support the Sunni jihadists monsters fighting Assad's stabilizing leadership, and the reasonable and logical thing to do to such traitors and their terrorist buddies is to bomb them all.  Bomb them and bomb them and bomb them,... until they either surrender or die.  It's called war, and it's a nasty business, and if they can't handle it, they shouldn't have started it.  

Now that they have started it, they discover that all their people -- their families and friends, women and children, old and young, doctors, nurses, poets, and clergy -- end up being slaughtered by the neighborhood-full.  Surprise!, surprise!  It's called "war".  

There are lessons to be learned here: "Jihad" is a lot more "glorious" when it's going your way, when you're dishing rather than suffering the head-chopping.  And perhaps the most important lesson: you screwed up big time when you trusted the CIA-sponsored NGOs that encouraged you to revolt in the first place.  As to your current predicament, here's the answer: flee the death zone and surrender to the legitimate govt forces.  That's the way to keep you and your family from being blown to bits.  Otherwise, it's stay put and die.  You make the call.  

Death and destruction is the inevitable fate of those who throw in with the Zionist-subverted US, the fully-owned subsidiary of the Zionist crime-in-progress that is Israel.

Your country Mr. Eagle is being violated by the Zionists, and all you can say is "Putin did it!", and beg for more.  Your mindless stupidity and easy manipulation are the reasons your beloved country is being sucked dry.   America is being flushed down the Zionist toilet, and you are the reason why.   I hope you are young enough to enjoy a long life living neck-deep in a Zionist cesspool.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The US makes a "mistake"

War is a nasty business.  Quaint notions to the contrary, there are no rules save one: win.  The Aleppo rebels and their supporters could have peace, safety, and full bellies on the instant: just walk away.  Wave a white handkerchief and surrender.  It's as simple as that.  Otherwise stay there and die.

The "rebels" were stupid to let the US (acting as Israel's stooge) dupe them into helping in a failed criminal regime change enterprise.  They trusted the US (!!!!!!), and now they're screwed(surprise! surprise!): ruled by fundamentalist Islamic head-choppers, bombed and starved by the government they and their Saudi and Turkish "friends" tried to destroy.  (This is your brain on fundamentalist Islam -- or fundamentalist anything, for that matter.)

For five years Deir ez-Zor remained under Syrian government control and the Jebel Tharda hill-top military position provided protection for  the area.  Five years they were there, and the US, which for five years has wanted to destroy Assad and his govt, would have us believe they forgot, or didn't notice, or... something,... "Sorry, the airstrike was a mistake."

Here's my take:  "Let's bomb the Jebel Tharda position and let ISIS take Deir ez-Zor.  That will, in a stroke, clear Assad's forces from all of Eastern Syria (so we can take possession after ISIS has been disposed of), and send a message to Assad that he needs to wise up.  He's certainly not going to attack us  -- we wish -- because then we would have the excuse we have wanted for so long to bomb his army to dust.  It's a total win win.  Let's go for it.  Then of course we'll pour a little salt in the wound by saying 'Whoops!  We made a mistake. Sorry about that.'  (He he, wink wink.)"

It appears that Assad's response has been to send a message of his own: "You're right, we don't dare bomb American forces.   But the Russians will help us reinforce Deir ez-Zor, retake Jebel Tharda, and win the war by bombing the living crap out of all your terrorist proxies in Idlib province,.... and retaking Aleppo.  Suck on that!  And you thought you would screw us with your phony-ass "cease fire" scam.  Riiiiiight!"

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whistling past the graveyard

In the Zionist-controlled Economist, responding to the article "Pepe and the Stormtroopers", hasbaroid zombie daydreambeviva, daydreams his Zionist exceptionalist mythology, whistling past the graveyard:
"Israel chooses not to be destroyed."
To which I respond:
Like a person with cancer chooses not to die.
The internet freed up the truth about Jewish/Zionist supremacism. The geopolitical crime-in-progress that is "Israel": the theft of Palestine, genocidal war against the Palestinians in particular, the Arabs in general, and the Muslim world broadly (actually the entire Goyische world) is now revealed from behind the curtain of the Jewish-controlled MSM Zionist mythology. The truth of Zionist savagery now stands revealed to the world.
Enjoy your moment in the sun. The rest of the world sees your criminal acts and recognizes the unrestrained nature of Zionist aggressiveness. For Five thousand years the Jewish nature has remained the same: un-self-aware, unapologetic, "exceptionalist" (the "Chosen People" bs) predation. And for five thousand years Jewish overreach has had the same predictable result: it's called "blowback".
Nothing has changed. The Jews still haven't learned. The Zionists today in "Israel" are once again diligently building the next Jewish holocaust. They think their nukes will protect them. My God! what delusion!
I'm an American and a Jew, and I support the "retirement", by whatever means necessary, of Israeli sovereignty. Payback is coming, and as always payback is a bitch.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Celebrity Death Match of the Millennium!

The Saudis -- ***NOT IRAN*** -- are the world's leading state sponsors of terrorism and facilitated the 911 attacks. The Saudi oligarchs fund the Wahhabi clerics who run the madrasas across the Muslim world that train the extremist jihadi fighters that spread radical Islamic terror worldwide. The 911 attack was an act of war -- the "Pearl Harbor" -- used cynically by the Neocons as an excuse to destroy Iraq, while the real culprits, the Saudis, were given a pass, the "28 pages", "the smoking gun", held back. And let's not forget the near certainty that the Israelis had foreknowledge of the coming attack and held back that vital information from their American "ally". The Zionist subversion of the US Govt by the Neocons and AIPAC -- Israeli agents -- places beyond the realm of imagining even the mere suggestion of a casus belli case against Israel, no matter the facts: "Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason." John Harington The Saudis, by virtue of big oil money and billions in MIC purchases, have also enjoyed a protected status, (though not nearly the total immunity enjoyed by Israel -- the "special relationship"). That said, in light of Saudi complicity in 911 revealed the 28 pages, and their central role in spreading Wahhabi terrorism, the American people would have no problem whatsoever supporting a war to terminate the degenerate Saudi regime and the cancer they spread worldwide. The Trump movement has broken the "rationality logjam" created by the PC/Zionist "narrative", and the emerging truth is making reality-based policy -- ie ***rational policy***, which is to say ***effective*** policy -- accessible. "Take the oil" says Trump, and the PC police scream "Outrageous!" Really now? Deprive radical Islamic terrorism, the enemy of modern civilization, the resources, the economic fuel for their savage worldwide onslaught? This is "outrageous"? No, this is the emergence, finally, of rational thought from the delusional fog of Kool-Aid saturation. Disorienting and refreshing is the light of truth,... at last. And all that formerly-Saudi oil wealth confiscate it. Confiscate as well, from their accounts, all the preciously accumulated Saudi wealth: as penalty for terror sponsorship. Cancel/retire that 750 billion in Saudi-held US treasuries. Just cancel it! Then, take all those trillions and create a new home for the Palestinians, modernize the Arab world, and bring prosperity to Arab "Main Street". Maybe, just maybe, that might bring peace to the Mideast, ya think? Thank you, presumptive President-elect Donald Trump, for all this. For innovation in the political system. For the inspiration, the optimism, and the return to rational self-interest. For restoring representation to the American people, for putting Americans first, and for restoring America to reality-based thinking and the rational policies it enables. Thank you for putting our neoliberal-and-Neocon beleaguered country back on the path to greatness. (Please God, let Hillary live long enough to participate in the debates. It would be deplorable if the reality tv celebrity-death-match-of-the-millennium -- The Trumpinator vs Godzillary the Destroyer -- were cancelled due to Hag-O-War enfeeblement.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Trump Era begins

From the Washington Post
Morell and Vickers: An open letter to Donald Trump

These intelligence community flacks are professional liars from the Professional Liars Institute(the CIA). Believing them is an act of infantile gullibility, and in this case gullibility abetted by a longing for the old days of the anti-commie hate fest addiction. These spook boosters want the gravy train of perpetual war to continue. Trump sees endless war as both dangerous and wasteful, and an artificially pumped up antagonism with Russia and China as unnecessary, stupid, dangerous, and wasteful and will seek to put an end to it. The spooky boys feel threatened. A dearth of credible boogiemen means unemployment and loss of prestige for death-worshippers of every stripe. So naturally they are applying their "trade-craft" of mind-rape to forestall the looming threat of peace.  

Yet there is hope -- the success of the Trump "movement" in spite of comprehensive MSM opposition is suggestive -- that the American people see through the establishment anti-Trump crusade. In fact, it may actually be the case that every time Trump is slammed by the ruling class hacks, the regular folks take it as a sign that Trump is their guy. The American people are smarter than they look -- they just never had a ***SMART*** choice before -- as the smug ruling-class elites will soon discover.  

I prefer Trump the Builder to Hillary the Destroyer. 

And so, the Trump era begins. Ivanka Trump will be elected the first woman president in 2024. The Trump team will indeed make America great again,... because Trump delivers. (And you thought it was just a slogan!) 

The Great Oblunder

The article in Antiwar.com was entitled

We shall see what we shall see.

I can only hope that this action by Obama will the blunder that stains his legacy forever. Call it the "Oblunder".   Surely the Republican-dominated Congress will override this veto. The long-concealed 28 Pages now revealed, show that the world's leading State sponsor of terrorism is in fact Saudi Arabia not Iran. This clear fact, suppressed for over a decade, now reveals the corruption of the American government and the capture of The American Nation by the ruling class, a variety of special interests and corrupted American institutions.

The truth of the Saudi origins of both the 9/11 attacks and worldwide terrorism stand now in clear view of the American people.   Obama must be insane to imagine that this will be approved by the American people. My guess is, that this is a signal to the establishment that Obama is one of them, and he's angling for his cushy post-presidential position as an elder Statesman.   Personally, I hope he is rewarded for his failed presidency -- for his failure to remove the Bush/Cheny neoconservative appointees from their positions in the foreign policy establishment, and for his appointment of the monster Hillary Clinton as his  Secretary of State -- with the eternal scorn of History.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Can Israel now be sued for its "terrorist" attack on the USS Liberty?

The following is a comment posted to the article

House Unanimously Passes Saudi 9/11 Lawsuit Bill

I was responding to another comment cascade which went:

Ricardo CabezaUSS Liberty survivors and families can finally sue Israel! 

to which masmanz replied: 

masmanzThey were attacked by Israeli military not by terrorists. It is terrorism only if done by non-state actors. This bill will not allow harmed Iraqis to sue the US government.

Whereupon I commented:

I doubt this "technicality" will matter. What will matter is whether or not Americans were killed. That will be enough for the legal process to be initiated. After that the usual political "thumb on the scales" will doubtless be applied. What favors the case against Israel for the USS Liberty attack is the "special status" -- the "patriotism amplification factor" if you will -- afforded murdered American military personnel. Also, with the internet providing access to the nasty truth about Israeli behavior past and present, shredding the Zionist-controlled MSM pro-Zionist narrative, the perception of Israeli behavior has become substantially more negative, which is to say more consistent with the truth.

Working against the case of course -- and it's a "yuuuuge" negative -- is the pervasive Zionist influence -- dare I say "control" -- in both the DoJ and the judiciary. Jewish judges, Jewish prosecuters, Jewish Congresspeople, Jewish campaign contributors, etc have pervasive influence in any Israel-related matter.
Taking into account these various factors -- including the Lavon affair, the dancing Israelis of 911, the pre-911 Israeli "art student" espionage -- a terrorism case against Israel for the USS Liberty attack could be a very spicy affair.

I'm posting this here to preserve this comment from "moderation" ie censorship/deletion, because all too frequently those of my comments which are critical of Israel are disposed of -- inappropriately in my view -- by Antiwar.com moderator Thomas Knapp.