Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whistling past the graveyard

In the Zionist-controlled Economist, responding to the article "Pepe and the Stormtroopers", hasbaroid zombie daydreambeviva, daydreams his Zionist exceptionalist mythology, whistling past the graveyard:
"Israel chooses not to be destroyed."
To which I respond:
Like a person with cancer chooses not to die.
The internet freed up the truth about Jewish/Zionist supremacism. The geopolitical crime-in-progress that is "Israel": the theft of Palestine, genocidal war against the Palestinians in particular, the Arabs in general, and the Muslim world broadly (actually the entire Goyische world) is now revealed from behind the curtain of the Jewish-controlled MSM Zionist mythology. The truth of Zionist savagery now stands revealed to the world.
Enjoy your moment in the sun. The rest of the world sees your criminal acts and recognizes the unrestrained nature of Zionist aggressiveness. For Five thousand years the Jewish nature has remained the same: un-self-aware, unapologetic, "exceptionalist" (the "Chosen People" bs) predation. And for five thousand years Jewish overreach has had the same predictable result: it's called "blowback".
Nothing has changed. The Jews still haven't learned. The Zionists today in "Israel" are once again diligently building the next Jewish holocaust. They think their nukes will protect them. My God! what delusion!
I'm an American and a Jew, and I support the "retirement", by whatever means necessary, of Israeli sovereignty. Payback is coming, and as always payback is a bitch.

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