Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sunshine on the Suck-ups

In response to an article -- "a splendid little war could end Trump's presidency" -- by Jim Jatras

Jatras is a perfect example of the comprehensive cluelessnesss of the political class. Here, on display is the reason US foreign policy has been a flat out disaster for the last thirty years. Generations in the echo chamber of foreign policy "expertise", where the rule is bobble-headed yes-man servility and craven obsequiousness to the interests of the 1%, has lead US foreign policy to a place where an enforced and self-reinforcing notion of "expertise" is in fact zombified incompetence.

Trump is in the big chair. That Jatras cannot see him except through the lens of "a shallow, superficial, unqualified Twitter-addicted unstable personality who never should have been allowed into the Oval Office..." clearly indicates that a war for the definition of "qualified", "expertise", and "reality-connected",... a war for the control of the cultural narrative, a war over who is ***QUALIFIED*** to lead American politics is engaged. If Trump proves to be a frikkin genius, a masterful political operator, and a pragmatic "peace-monger" who can rescue the US -- and the world -- from the death spiral of American Imperial militarism, then the Jatrases of the world -- overpaid, arrogant, self-important parasites -- will be discredited, and kicked to the curb, as they should be. At which point American can start on the long road to recovery. 

I know that many, like Jatras, hoping for his own rescue in Trump's demise, will point to Trump's recent apparent bellicosity, and say he's gone over to the "same old same old" war-mongery. But these are ninth or tenth generation political hacks, blinded from birth by Neocon Kool-Aid. They are thoroughly disconnected from reality and frankly ***INCAPABLE*** of competence. So their wishful and whimsical "visions of sugar plums" -- ie Trump's early departure -- will "poof!" be gone when Trumpian success at last shines a light on their catastrophically destructive "leadership" in the post ww2 period. 

Three years nine months to go. Check back in again when you actually have some evidence to support your crackpot hopefulness.

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