Friday, December 2, 2016

re censorship at

Really, Thomas? Who is the drama queen here? You're embarrassing yourself with this name calling. My comment disappeared. What am I to think, you're on a coffee break? So I posted the link to my backup, my all-but-invisible, low-traffic,... make that no-traffic,... blog. The "rules" you cite give the Jews a free pass on their complicity in the Zionist project. It's ok to criticize Zionism or Israel, but not the Jews that make their crimes possible. That appears to be the rule, and it amounts to caving to Jewish/Zionist intimidation. It may be discretion -- as in "discretion is the better part of valor" -- but absent the lethality of bullets-and-bombs-combat, it's cowardly. It was cowardly then, as it is cowardly now. That said, it ***IS*** Justin's website and he gets to decide on when "discretion" -- strategic restraint -- is called for. I've had this issue since before you were moderator. Someone Jewish among the staff at -- kudos guys, on your good work -- considered my criticism so virulent that they saw in it an attempt to discredit them. On that occasion I figured out how to draw that individual out from behind his protective curtain of anonymity, and engage him in the light of day, challenging his claim and regaining my commenting privileges. To your credit, you are out in the open. Regarding your "hint". You control the content of, I control the content of my almost-a-blog. You can censor me here; you cannot censor me there. From here on out I will append to all my comments a link to my blog, and after a while all who participate will come to associate jeff_davis with . Then, hopefully, I will be able simply to post "Comment moderated, you know where to find it." jeff_davis:

And as always, for the record, I'm an American and a Jew.

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