Monday, December 19, 2016

Dream the impossible -- don't be so sure -- dream!

Donna Brazile, the butterfly ballot, and a lifeless Al Gore gave us Bush/Cheney, which gave us the Neocon subversion, wars-for-Israel and the looting of America, which gave us Obama/Clinton and wars-for-Israel part two, and more looting of America.  That's 16 years of the continuous rape of America on behalf of the 1% and the Zionists.  This might be seen as incompetence -- as in the Iraq war was caused by "faulty", ie incompetent, intelligence -- except that the 1% and the Zionists made out like the bandits they are.  That's not incompetence, that's something else.

If the inability to face up to or even comprehend the cause of their failure is any indication, then the Dem party could well be in terminal phase, circling the drain, headed for the ash bin of history.  They can't return to being a party of the little guy, because no one will believe them -- and besides, Trump has laid claim to that territory -- and because if they were genuine, they would lose their big-money donors.  The Dems have no place to go.  They have no constituency left, and no new constituency to replace the old.  Blacks, Hispanics, and other identity-politics constituencies want and need jobs like everyone else, and Trump, if he can deliver -- a serious if -- is their guy, even if they don't know it just yet.     

I expect Trump to reinvent American politics -- reinvented for the digital age, a centrist single-party system -- reinvent the Republican party as that centrist, populist, working man/woman's party, and rebuild America.  

I know, that's too much for any man, ... or is it?  We shall see.

It appears the CIA has declared war on Trump.  To the CIA spook army of the war-for-profit globalists, Trump's notion of peace/cooperation with Russia is anathema.  Russia, the new boogieman, same as the old boogieman, is their meal ticket.  Trump to them is an existential threat.  So war it is, battle looms.  

Will Trump wuss out?  I think not.  (I certainly hope not.  I await that battle with more delight than even for the spectacle of Nov 8th.  I'm all giddy with the audacious hope that the Trump presidency's entertainment value will never disappoint.)  

So, come Jan 20th, if true to his bad boy reputation, the Trumpinator will dish some back-atcha whoop-ass on those folks at Langley.  Per my favorite metaphor: throw a rope around the ankles of that anti-democratic enabler of the deep-state tyranny, and drag it behind a pick-up truck until it's nothing but a smear on the pavement.  

How to do this you might ask?  Trump will do it his way, that much is certain, and he'll keep his plan-of-attack secret until he's in the big chair.  That said, here's my suggestion (by the way, the Congress has provided the Trumpinator with ample ammunition to also put them in orange jump suits and off to oblivion at Guantanamo or other federal facility at an undisclosed location in the desert southwest.  But we'll have to wait on that episode of "The Trumpinator Eats Swamp Creatures for Breakfast".)

For a while now, I've been convinced that in order to get the DC criminal horde in a cooperative mood, Trump would have to make an example of someone -- the Chinese have a saying, "Kill the chicken to scare the monkey".  Thus I've been wondering: Who might be "the chicken"?  It appears the CIA will be one of "the chicken(s)".  Personally, I can't think of a better chicken.

Here's how it might go:  On day one he releases the entire 6,700 page CIA torture report, complete and un-redacted, with all the real names, all in the clear.  The horrifying truth of the torture report, exposed for all Americans to see, will flat out destroy the CIA. Knockout punch, down for the count, helpless.  Then Trump gathers Cheney, Yoo, Addington, and Bybee, and ships them, and Jose Rodriguez and all his torturers, to the Hague for trial.  Then Trump identifies and fires all those individuals who attempted to delegitimze his presidency by creating and leaking the bogus "Russia hacked the election" report.  The torture report alone will finish the CIA.  Stick a fork in that chicken, he's done.  Nothing left but the clean up.

The audacity of hope.  Dream the impossible(?) dream.  Trump makes America feel good again.

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