Thursday, December 1, 2016

Give it ***ALL*** to them

Sykes-Picot is dead. The question then, "When ISIS is gone, who will replace them to rule Sunnistan:  newly created from Anbar and the Upper Euphrates Valley (Iraq and Syria)?" I have a notion that the world will need a confab of all concerned parties to redraw the boundaries of the Mideast.
My own proposal for that confab, discussed nowhere before this comment, is the voluntary relocation of all Palestinians -- Israeli, WB & Gaza, and the Palestinian diaspora/refugee camps, to the newly formed Sunnistan. The Israelis would be all in with such a plan, and would throw the full weight of their international political influence behind it.

In contrast to the "Nakba method" -- brazen theft, and ethnic cleansing by massacre and threat of massacre -- this relocation would be based on making the Palestinians an offer too good to turn down. (No doubt some would stubbornly refuse to relocate, but they would be few, and thus acceptable to the Israelis . The incentives provided -- new cities, new homes, new businesses (to be built by experienced Chinese city builders, perhaps) -- would be designed to be ***irresistibly*** generous -- "lavish" even. Consequently, it would be, for the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, too good to turn down. Naturally, the current Sunni occupants of Anbar and the Upper Euphrates would be persuaded to accept the Palestinians by being rewarded with Sunni national sovereignty and a corresponding share of the largess.
The Saudis, the Brits, and the worldwide Jewish community -- in particular the US Jewish community -- would foot the bill.
A confab of all the interested parties would work out the details. There are many, but what is the alternative,... perpetual war?
There is no one- or two-state solution. That's always been bull. From the first, the Zionists were determined to take all of mandate Palestine, and is clear that they are as committed as ever to that end -- Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Gaza -- they will have all of it. And frankly, I don't see any force among the world's nations willing to try and stop them.
A final note: I struggle with the clear injustice of allowing the Zionist criminals to win, to legitimize and enjoy their criminal gains. But the ugly truth is that they ***have*** won -- for now at least -- and the only option remaining for some fragment of justice is to find a way to get the Zionist jackboot off the throat of the defeated Palestinians.

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