Friday, December 30, 2016

Reply to the NY Times article "American Jews Divided Over Strain in U.S.-Israel Relations"

Jeff Davis

 Baja California 
But everything ***IS*** Israel's fault. Seriously. I'm an American and a Jew and I wouldn't give a nickel in bag of sh*t for the geopolitical crime-in-progress that is Israel. And all those Jews worldwide who continue to support Israel, now that its criminality is clear for all to see, are complicit in those crimes. Crime has no right to exist. Criminals have no right to defend themselves.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dream the impossible -- don't be so sure -- dream!

Donna Brazile, the butterfly ballot, and a lifeless Al Gore gave us Bush/Cheney, which gave us the Neocon subversion, wars-for-Israel and the looting of America, which gave us Obama/Clinton and wars-for-Israel part two, and more looting of America.  That's 16 years of the continuous rape of America on behalf of the 1% and the Zionists.  This might be seen as incompetence -- as in the Iraq war was caused by "faulty", ie incompetent, intelligence -- except that the 1% and the Zionists made out like the bandits they are.  That's not incompetence, that's something else.

If the inability to face up to or even comprehend the cause of their failure is any indication, then the Dem party could well be in terminal phase, circling the drain, headed for the ash bin of history.  They can't return to being a party of the little guy, because no one will believe them -- and besides, Trump has laid claim to that territory -- and because if they were genuine, they would lose their big-money donors.  The Dems have no place to go.  They have no constituency left, and no new constituency to replace the old.  Blacks, Hispanics, and other identity-politics constituencies want and need jobs like everyone else, and Trump, if he can deliver -- a serious if -- is their guy, even if they don't know it just yet.     

I expect Trump to reinvent American politics -- reinvented for the digital age, a centrist single-party system -- reinvent the Republican party as that centrist, populist, working man/woman's party, and rebuild America.  

I know, that's too much for any man, ... or is it?  We shall see.

It appears the CIA has declared war on Trump.  To the CIA spook army of the war-for-profit globalists, Trump's notion of peace/cooperation with Russia is anathema.  Russia, the new boogieman, same as the old boogieman, is their meal ticket.  Trump to them is an existential threat.  So war it is, battle looms.  

Will Trump wuss out?  I think not.  (I certainly hope not.  I await that battle with more delight than even for the spectacle of Nov 8th.  I'm all giddy with the audacious hope that the Trump presidency's entertainment value will never disappoint.)  

So, come Jan 20th, if true to his bad boy reputation, the Trumpinator will dish some back-atcha whoop-ass on those folks at Langley.  Per my favorite metaphor: throw a rope around the ankles of that anti-democratic enabler of the deep-state tyranny, and drag it behind a pick-up truck until it's nothing but a smear on the pavement.  

How to do this you might ask?  Trump will do it his way, that much is certain, and he'll keep his plan-of-attack secret until he's in the big chair.  That said, here's my suggestion (by the way, the Congress has provided the Trumpinator with ample ammunition to also put them in orange jump suits and off to oblivion at Guantanamo or other federal facility at an undisclosed location in the desert southwest.  But we'll have to wait on that episode of "The Trumpinator Eats Swamp Creatures for Breakfast".)

For a while now, I've been convinced that in order to get the DC criminal horde in a cooperative mood, Trump would have to make an example of someone -- the Chinese have a saying, "Kill the chicken to scare the monkey".  Thus I've been wondering: Who might be "the chicken"?  It appears the CIA will be one of "the chicken(s)".  Personally, I can't think of a better chicken.

Here's how it might go:  On day one he releases the entire 6,700 page CIA torture report, complete and un-redacted, with all the real names, all in the clear.  The horrifying truth of the torture report, exposed for all Americans to see, will flat out destroy the CIA. Knockout punch, down for the count, helpless.  Then Trump gathers Cheney, Yoo, Addington, and Bybee, and ships them, and Jose Rodriguez and all his torturers, to the Hague for trial.  Then Trump identifies and fires all those individuals who attempted to delegitimze his presidency by creating and leaking the bogus "Russia hacked the election" report.  The torture report alone will finish the CIA.  Stick a fork in that chicken, he's done.  Nothing left but the clean up.

The audacity of hope.  Dream the impossible(?) dream.  Trump makes America feel good again.

The Kikes have won, let them have the damn place.

Sykes-Picot is dead. George Bush strapped a bomb to it and blew it up.
What was once Iraq is no more. The Shia have the plum part, Baghdad and the lion’s share of oil. The Kurds have a part, with more than a bit of oil as well. But the Sunnis, once the masters but now stripped of power, have been reduced to refugees and confined to their “reservation” in the wastelands of Anbar or fighting a grueling/losing battle for control of Mosul.
Syria the same. The remnants of Saddam’s regime fled there after the US invasion. But the Neocons weren’t through with them. Meat puppet Bush and anti-Christ-wannabe Cheney handed off the Neocon/Oded Yinon project to spineless phony Obama and mad dog Hillary, who then proceeded to do to Syria what their predecessors had done to Iraq. So the remnants of Saddam’s regime came out of retirement, and now Syria is broken as well, with the Sunni tribal regions of the east — the Upper Euphrates valley — in possession of radical Sunni head-choppers.
All of Sunnistan, from the Saudi border with Anbar in the south to the Euphrates crossing at the Turkish border in the north is “in play”. The Sunnis will not abide Shia domination, from either Baghdad or Damascus. Absent a “political solution” there will be “forever war”.
The solution — a Trumpian solution in accord with a new Trump Doctrine of foreign policy — akin to Mr. Shamir’s projection, is offered here for your consideration: the voluntary relocation of all the Palestinians — all of them: those in Israel proper, the West bank, Gaza, and the diaspora — to the new Sunnistan now aborning in the Sunni tribal regions of what was once Iraq and Syria.
In contrast to “the nakba method” — the violent expulsion at bayonet point incentivized by massacre and threat of massacre — the “voluntary” method/Trump-the-builder method uses the carrot rather than the stick. Pony up the cash — the Brits who started this shit, the Saudis and Gulf Sheikdoms, and the f*cking Jews — and buy/build the Sunnis a whole shiny new country with all the bells and whistles. Here's a Trumpian real estate project if I ever saw one.  Talk about "qualified"!  Who could be more qualified than the world's preeminent deal-making real estate wizard himself?  Trump tower, Trump America, Trump Palestine,… (Trump World ... coming soon to a planet near you).  The Chinese could be contracted for the actual construction. Lots of upside for everyone.
The Israelis would certainly get behind such an effort. They would like nothing more than to get rid of their Arab trash. The Palestinians would certainly appreciate the idea of getting the f*cking Zionist jackboot off their throat.  Ditto the rest of the world. Make the offer to relocate generous enough and almost every Palestinian would accept. (A few stubborn souls would no doubt refuse, but few enough that it wouldn’t scotch the deal. Certainly less than the current 20% of Palestinian Israelis.)
The Kikes have won, let them have the damn place. See what happens to them when they don’t have anyone to blame for their bad behavior. My guess: they never learn -- they haven't learned in five-thousand years -- so they'll screw themselves yet again and that shitty little place will soon enough “pass into the pages of history”.

And FYI, I'm an American and a proud fucking Jew, deal with it.

Friday, December 2, 2016

re censorship at

Really, Thomas? Who is the drama queen here? You're embarrassing yourself with this name calling. My comment disappeared. What am I to think, you're on a coffee break? So I posted the link to my backup, my all-but-invisible, low-traffic,... make that no-traffic,... blog. The "rules" you cite give the Jews a free pass on their complicity in the Zionist project. It's ok to criticize Zionism or Israel, but not the Jews that make their crimes possible. That appears to be the rule, and it amounts to caving to Jewish/Zionist intimidation. It may be discretion -- as in "discretion is the better part of valor" -- but absent the lethality of bullets-and-bombs-combat, it's cowardly. It was cowardly then, as it is cowardly now. That said, it ***IS*** Justin's website and he gets to decide on when "discretion" -- strategic restraint -- is called for. I've had this issue since before you were moderator. Someone Jewish among the staff at -- kudos guys, on your good work -- considered my criticism so virulent that they saw in it an attempt to discredit them. On that occasion I figured out how to draw that individual out from behind his protective curtain of anonymity, and engage him in the light of day, challenging his claim and regaining my commenting privileges. To your credit, you are out in the open. Regarding your "hint". You control the content of, I control the content of my almost-a-blog. You can censor me here; you cannot censor me there. From here on out I will append to all my comments a link to my blog, and after a while all who participate will come to associate jeff_davis with . Then, hopefully, I will be able simply to post "Comment moderated, you know where to find it." jeff_davis:

And as always, for the record, I'm an American and a Jew.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Give it ***ALL*** to them

Sykes-Picot is dead. The question then, "When ISIS is gone, who will replace them to rule Sunnistan:  newly created from Anbar and the Upper Euphrates Valley (Iraq and Syria)?" I have a notion that the world will need a confab of all concerned parties to redraw the boundaries of the Mideast.
My own proposal for that confab, discussed nowhere before this comment, is the voluntary relocation of all Palestinians -- Israeli, WB & Gaza, and the Palestinian diaspora/refugee camps, to the newly formed Sunnistan. The Israelis would be all in with such a plan, and would throw the full weight of their international political influence behind it.

In contrast to the "Nakba method" -- brazen theft, and ethnic cleansing by massacre and threat of massacre -- this relocation would be based on making the Palestinians an offer too good to turn down. (No doubt some would stubbornly refuse to relocate, but they would be few, and thus acceptable to the Israelis . The incentives provided -- new cities, new homes, new businesses (to be built by experienced Chinese city builders, perhaps) -- would be designed to be ***irresistibly*** generous -- "lavish" even. Consequently, it would be, for the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, too good to turn down. Naturally, the current Sunni occupants of Anbar and the Upper Euphrates would be persuaded to accept the Palestinians by being rewarded with Sunni national sovereignty and a corresponding share of the largess.
The Saudis, the Brits, and the worldwide Jewish community -- in particular the US Jewish community -- would foot the bill.
A confab of all the interested parties would work out the details. There are many, but what is the alternative,... perpetual war?
There is no one- or two-state solution. That's always been bull. From the first, the Zionists were determined to take all of mandate Palestine, and is clear that they are as committed as ever to that end -- Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Gaza -- they will have all of it. And frankly, I don't see any force among the world's nations willing to try and stop them.
A final note: I struggle with the clear injustice of allowing the Zionist criminals to win, to legitimize and enjoy their criminal gains. But the ugly truth is that they ***have*** won -- for now at least -- and the only option remaining for some fragment of justice is to find a way to get the Zionist jackboot off the throat of the defeated Palestinians.

9/11: Saudis, Israelis, and Zionist captivity

My reply to pensword re Saudi/Israeli involvement in 9/11:

I agree, both the Saudi and Israeli govts were involved: the Saudis in financing and the Israelis in "shepherding".
A separate, overarching, and much more difficult matter however, is the subversion of the US govt by the Israelis. The Neocons -- Israeli agents -- currently control the Executive(Trump may boot them, we shall see.), and AIPAC -- Israeli agents -- has for many years maintained ownership of the House and Senate.
Breaking out of Zionist "captivity" is a yuuuge challenge. Consider, its mention is taboo in the MSM media, dangerous in the alternate media, and a life destroying, career-killing offense in politics, media, academia, commerce,... hell, across the spectrum of civil and cultural participation.
The Jews have once again risen to prominence among the powers of the world, and loyalty to Israel is their poisoned chalice. But it is perilous to state as much. I can only do so because I'm an old, retired, pissy-ass, Jew-of-no-importance-whatsoever, living happily, and comfortably below my means, in Brigadoon.