Monday, February 19, 2018

It's a new, digitally-connected world.

  • HRC disdained to campaign in the rust belt states that went to Trump. She called the white working class"Deplorable". She had more money than god, much of which she got from Wall Street. The Deep State, Neoliberal corporate actors, and all media save Fox, went all out to destroy Trump ..... and he still won. With all these establishment forces against him, who exactly was -- and long has been -- subverting American Democracy. Frankly, I'm thrilled at whatever help the American people may have received from any citizen anywhere in the world, to help Americans to restore in any degree some semblance of true democracy in the US. It is the "owners" of the country, the oligarchs who have so long maintained the one-dollar-one-vote tyranny-posing-as-democracy, that have robbed Americans of a just, truly democratic system of governance.
    The world is global now, thanks to the internet. Influence-by-persuasion, using internet communication tools is far superior -- vastly cheaper, more efficient, and free of the criminal violence -- of politics by jackboot. The US has long used the full spectrum of influence from propaganda to straight up military force to violate the rights of foreign citizens to be the masters in their own countries. If the world is now equipped to compete using the violence-free influence-by-information-deployment, I say "Bring it on!" And to whatever extent Putin or Russia or Facebook is responsible for initiating/enabling/promoting this new non-violent, information-based mechanism for rivalry between sovereign powers, I say "Thank you Mr. Putin, and thank you Mr. Zuckerberg." It's a major improvement in human affairs when rivalry by words replaces rivalry by death machines.

      Tuesday, November 7, 2017

      The prodigal son returns

      Good morning boys and girls.

      I got my first computer back in October of 1997.  I signed up for free internet with NetZero, loaded up Netscape Navigator, and through a sequence of events, now lost to the mists of memory, stumbled upon the exi list,...  and found a home in the transhumanist tribe.  I had a wonderful time with youse guys. For 16 years I came to the clubhouse every day until, in June of 2013, I bid you farewell and ventured out into the world to seek my fortune. 

      "And what have you seen, my blue eyed boy?"

      Now, I return with tales to tell of the wonders I have seen and the adventures I have had,... and am having.

      So settle in, and be amazed.

      I was once a man of modest means, wont to describe myself as "independently austere".  A late-night denizen of the undergraduate library at UC Berkeley -- it's open till 3 in the morning!  A person of no importance.  A wise ass underachiever, lazy, opinionated, self-indulgent and self-absorbed.

      But lucky.   Yes, the secret to my success is my unstinting and undeserved good luck.   Many are those who lament their all-too-frequent encounters with misfortune.  "Life is so unfair!", they wail.  While you never hear those who roll the dice and win, to declare -- or even notice -- the "unfairness" of it, the unfairness of Good Fortune.   Yet that is the essence of my story.   The God of Wise-asses has made a project of me. Or, as Mark Twain has noted, "Those who are born to hang are safe in the water."

       So here's the deal:

       In 2014, my wife Gail is sitting at her computer... the years of hanging out with a techno-weenie transhumanist had had its effect ... and she says to me," This Bitcoin thing,... It looks like the wave of the future, let's invest some of the money in that."   (We had just sold our house in Canada and had a couple a hundred grand hanging around, looking for a home.) Barely acknowledging her comment, online and engrossed as usual, not even looking up, I waved my hand and said, "Go for it."

      Bitcoin had just crashed, ,,, er, "corrected"... from its first peak of speculative frenzy that took it to a thousand, down to 200.  We bought 80,000 dollars worth in tranches at 300, 400, and 600 dollars per.  A year or so later we sold a piece of property in Half Moon Bay for 100k, just as Ethereum was emerging.  Caught up now in the cryptocurrency frenzy, Gail said, "Let's buy some Ethereum."  We put 50k into Ethereum at $12.  Gail might very well be some sort of savant.  Me, I'm just lucky.

      And so, I began a new life.

      I saw the ICO phenomena emerging from the Ethereum blockchain, and I saw an opportunity.   Gail became a voracious consumer of cryptocurrency information and my in-house research department.  We became a team.  I had transhumanist projects to fund, and so I went out into the world looking for someone to show me how to Stage my ICO's.

      I found a fellow in Pleasanton, 20 years experience in failed software startups, SLAC veteran, robot hobbyist, my kind of guy.  He too had recognized the opportunity, and was looking for a funding partner.  It was a perfect match. We put our heads together, and came up with a plan to stage an ICO to fund a cryptocurrency Investment bank, Pathfinder Equity Systems.  I'm the eccentric rich guy who writes the checks, he's the experienced and grounded business guy who does the work.  "A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one."  We launch in eight days or so.

      In our first stage, we'll be processing ICO's for small and medium-sized tech firms in Venture Capital portfolios.  Currently, the value in these companies, and the VC's investments, are "trapped", unable to take the final  leap to enhanced value by going public with a conventional ***IPO*** (not ICO).  That's where the cryptocurrecy-based ICO process comes into play, offering an alternative route to public trading, liberated liquidity, enhanced company value, and investment recovery-slash-profit extraction for the VCs.

      Here's our website:

      And here's a link to a sponsored article in VentureBeat, for a more detailed idea of what we're up to.

      It gets better, way better.

      Tomorrow: the Pathfinder Moonshot.  This is the good stuff.  You're gonna love it.

      Best, Jeff Davis

           "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                                 Ray Charles

      Thursday, August 10, 2017

      MAGA time

      Looking back on the economic and military catastrophe of the last 30 years, when the government was in the hands of the putatively "stable and balanced", I would ask: What is stable and balanced, who is stable and balanced, and just what strategy -- mass murder across the face of the planet as a means, a failed means, of "rescuing" people and installing the godhead of democracy,... vs something... (anything)... else -- will give human beings on this planet safety and prosperity? What is this "Presidential temperament" that we hear so much about, that serves as a measure of the qualification for that office? A willingness to calmly commit mass murder beyond our shores? A willingness to convert our own citizens into cattle for the benefit of the wealthy of the world? Is that it? Could this possibly be an error? Could this possibly be the reason our country has been reduced to chaotic bitterness, a looted despotic shell?
      Could it be that what humanity needs now -- what America needs now -- is a loud-mouthed, bullying a-hole who can slap the shjt out of the murdering, thieving, lying criminals who have been screwing the entire world since the end of WW2?
      I vote yes. I voted yes. I voted Trump. Maybe he will succeed in his effort to "Drain the Swamp" and "Make America Great Again". Maybe he will fail. Whatever. But the second American Revolution has begun. The American people have their eyes open now. They've had enough, and have declared war on the rigged system. Bernie took it to the enemy, giving his almost-all before falling in defeat. Then Trump, leveraging the smug complacency and corrupt over-confidence of his adversaries swept them away... in his, the first battle, of the Trumpian revolution.
      Now we wait to see how the fortunes of war will play out. But the game is on. Battle is joined,... at last.
      Manhood is back. The pussification of America is over. MAGA, motherf***er.

      Thursday, July 27, 2017

      Moment of Truth: Trumpinator or Trump-the-Pussy

      As I have written here and elsewhere, President Swamp Drainer needs to get control of the DoJ. He got rid of Comey, which was good, but got Rosenstein and Mueller in response, which was bad.

      Meanwhile Jeff Sessions is twiddling his thumbs re the Russia witch hunt. Perhaps Session's recusal was appropriate, but he’s not doing anything at all regarding Swamp Draining. So it appears his support for Trump is a bit disingenuous.  Could it be that he's just an old guard GOPer, who wants to give the impression of being a Trump supporter, but who's real intent is to obstruct progress.? He's done little more than drag his feet, covering his do-nothing intent behind a front of  law-enforcement community boosterism.  Is this the GOP plan, to stall until 2020, when it can then point at Trump’s failures (failures they have enabled by their stalling, wink wink) and then campaign to take “their” party back.? In short, Sessions may just be an anti-Trump “mole” planted in the single most important position with regard to swamp draining, in order to ***prevent*** any swamp draining.
      Let me be clear: in the last 24 years the DC political class has gone almost entirely criminal, with the last 13 years dedicated to serial war crimes. In this situation the DoJ, AG, and FBI head, have become corrupted, and turned away from the rule of law to become a shield from the law for DC criminal despotism.
      So watch closely what happens next.  Just today I've heard the first mention — though I’ve mentioned this several times over the last few weeks — of talk in the White House about ***recess appointments***.   And the response from outside the White House has been outrage bordering on fury at the notion of such appointments, which outrage betrays their understanding of the consequences, and the justified depth of their fear at the prospect.  We have reached the crucial moment, and I for one am surprised that, as important as this is, I have not seen it discussed ***anywhere*** before now.

      The August Congressional recess was scheduled to begin at the end of business tomorrow, July 28th. Because of the health care business, McConnell postponed it for two weeks.  So let’s call the Congressional recess to begin at close of business Friday, August 11th, fifteen days from now.
      When Congress goes home fifteen days from now, this country and the world may very well change forever. Go to Wikipedia and look up “recess appointment”. Here’s what you will find:
      “…a recess appointment is an appointment by the President of a federal official… while the U.S. Senate is in recess. …
      Recess appointments are authorized by Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states:
      The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.
      If Trump is the fighter I think he is, then this is what he has been waiting for, ever so patiently these last six months, and why he has not gone on the offensive despite the unrelenting attacks against him.  Notice that the Congress cannot countermand recess appointments. Recess appointments end by expiring, and then only at the end of the following Congressional session. So other than by impeachment, Congress cannot stop Trump from doing this.
      So Trump dumps Sessions, purges the anti-Trump prosecutors from previous administrations, and appoints a new FBI head and dozens of fire-breathing swamp-draining prosecutors who immediately start doling out orange jumpsuits. He could — not predicting that he will, just hoping, but he could execute this “nuclear option” — he could lock up virtually the entire Congress on war crimes charges; Neocons for conspiracy to commit war crimes; Cheney, Addington, Yoo, and Bybee to the Hague for torture; Hillary and Obama for Libya.
      Control of the DoJ is the key.
      The next two weeks will show whether Trump is the real deal, or just another schlub.

      Fabulous spectacle!

      Wednesday, July 12, 2017

      Political Self-Immolation

      "What is relevant is Donald Jr's INTENT. In his email response (I am paraphrasing, but you can verify) he says, if the offer of dirt on Hillary is true, I love it! The intent behind this statement is loud and clear."
      I agree with you that this is the heart of the matter, and like you I am surprised that the so few of the anti-Trump people have zeroed in on this crucial element. Good on you for bringing it front and center. Let's take a look.
      Trump jr gets an email that says, "We've got dirt on HRC from the Russian govt, and we want to share it with you as part of Russia/Putin's effort to help Trump win the presidency." (This may not be absolutely the precise wording, but this will be the most aggressive/damning "parsing".)
      Then Trump jr says, "I love it, bring it on." This will be spun as Trump jr declaring his willingness and his INTENT (your caps) to collude, and as the very first substantive act in the process of collusion.
      Badda bing, badda boom!, smoking gun!, lookie here, ***COLLUSION!!!***.
      That's the case for the prosecution.
      However -- now the case for the defense -- after that, it's all a giant nothingburger, because beyond the emails there was absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Nothingburger because (1) intentions aren't actions, and (2) the "bait" -- "dirt on HRC from the Russian plan to install their Manchurian Candidate" -- was a total fabrication with zero connection to Russia. No Putin/Kremlin involvement at all. Just a fictional lure from a fat, ugly, British "publicist" political dirty trickster.
      The Russian lawyer appears to have been a pawn. Her interest, the element that drew her into this silly little scheme, was her concern about Russian orphan adoptions. She wasn't privy to the content of the emails and didn't know anything about any dirt on HRC. She was a prop who provided "the Russian element", her Russian name.
      Don jr's putative "evil intent" may make for a momentary kerfuffle, some screaming and shouting and more ratings for CNN and msnbc, but it has no political lethality. And it will end up a spectacularly embarrassing exercise in futility -- not that that will dissuade anyone. It will be futile to try and make a case for collusion out of Don jr's "I love it, bring it on!", because there was nobody on the other side to collude with: no Kremlin involvement, no Kremlin Manchurian Candidate plot, no HRC dirt. Nothing, nada, zippo, a phantom.
      And, of course, no involvement with or connection to the President. So the only possible impact is that maybe Trump, his family attacked yet again, decides enough is enough, and dishes the wrath of god to various and sundry Swampistas.
      Bottom line: when the dust has settled, the Trump opposition will be worse off than ever.
      What a fabulous spectacle: the self-immolation of the corrupt American political system! I frikkin' can't get enough!

      Friday, July 7, 2017

      The Trump enigma explained

      Snagged for posterity from:

      Upon witnesing President Trump's CNN smackdown tweet today, I was left making much the same facial expression Laurence Fishburn makes at the end of The Matrix when he realizes Neo truly is The One. Long has MPC and the greater alt-right waxed rhapsodic over Trump's many paradigm-shifting qualities, but today was the first day I truly saw him for what he is: Trump is not just a Chad, he is The Chad, in much the same way top-level Taoists claim to become the Tao. This is the key to understanding his behavior and why he appears to so effortlessly triumph over legions of incredibly well-financed yet morally-bereft, insidious bugpeople. If you were to combine every star high school quarterback and Ray-Ban clad summer lifeguard into one, you still would not be scratching the surface of the Pure Chadism that flows through Donald Trump's veins at any given moment. For him, bullyciding isn't just a fun pasttime; it's a way of life.

      Donald Trump is a 139 IQ certified triple alpha Apex Chad, born with a nearly perfect anti-autism genome which was then steeled through a lifetime spent in the cutthroat world of high-end ManFUCKINGhatten real estate, which is basically the Olympics of bare, no holds barred Jewry. He is at the top of the Chad food chain, imbued with not only the quotidian Chad qualities of athleticism and insouciance, but also rarer, top-level Chad qualities like completely effortless trolling and unshakable detachment. When you see Trump - the President of the United States of America, lest we forget - retweeting a meme of (real, actual) himself delivering a WWE Raw smackdown to the bugman hive that is CNN, you're watching a completely autonomic response; trolling comes as easy to President Trump as breathing comes to the rest of us, and he puts the same amount of thought into it as you or I just put into our last breath. Unlike his bugman opponents, The Chad does not expend valuable energy hand-wringing over what the latest (((models))) may show; The Chad simply does. Whether he's a plucky, new-to-the-scene NYC realtor having his associate "John Miller" call up some sleazeball tabloid yid to call him a f****t, or a 2016 Republican presidential candidate bragging about his dick size to 80 million prime-time viewers, or the President of the United States of America retweeting a silly meme showing him giving CNN a stunner, The Chad is acting on 100% instinct at all time; this makes him an absolutely fatal opponent for the bugman, whose modus operandi is by nature spergy, data/consensus-driven, and highly fragile. Many here have spoken at length of Trump's anti-fragility in the vein of Taleb; I propose that Trump exists outside of the fragility continuum altogether, a being wholly inoculated against any traditional understanding of vulnerability. Imagine the popular "it all runs off like water down a duck's back" copypasta we are so fond of poasting; now imagine that there is no "... but call him a Jew" clause. That is Donald Trump, The Chad. He has no natural weakness, at least not insofar as the postmodern, atomized, bugman Acela class is concerned.

      Exactly how Chad is Donald Trump? We're talking about a man who had the stones to write a very Chadily-composed tell all paperback some 30 years ago that - and this is really amazing stuff, folks - literally takes the reader on a point by point dissection of his understanding of life, the gambits he runs, how he views success and how he wins so often. His entire playbook, laid bare for any literate man, woman, or child to peruse at their leisure, millions of which did. But because Donald Trump understands the nerd/bugman on a fundamental level - far better than the bugman knows even himself - he knows that even with his entire strategic gameplan free for the taking, there is no danger of the enemy catching on. Trump's Chad instincts are so finely tuned that he knows even if he shows the crowd how the magic trick is done, if he does it with his trademark flair, they'll keep falling for it every time. Whether consciously or not (likely not, as we're talking about hardwired, base-level instincts at this point), Trump realizes the bugman will never catch on, as the bugman considers Trump a buffoon, a charlatan, an idiot and a fraud, just as the nerd sees the garden-variety Chad. Simply speaking, bugpeople simply have no idea what they're dealing with when encountering Trump; watching them squirm reminds me of the Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic, wherein mankind spends an inordinate amount of time trying to comprehend alien actions that were, to the aliens, simply a picnic stop. Not only does the bugman foolishly consider himself smarter than Trump, he simply does not understand him at all. To them, his very existence is incomprehensible, a problem to be run through endless datasheets and algorithms and editorial columns; to Trump, that the bugman exists doesn't even register.

      When you're watching Trump troll, you're not merely watching a maestro at work; no, you're seeing the very essence of trolling given human form. Trump himself is aware of his incredible, Chadly prowess, as he mocks his opponents' appeals to staid (and laughable) ARE PRESIDENTIAL DIGNITY by announcing that he is not presidential, but modern presidential, a one-off tweet that illustrates Trump has a far deeper understanding of his paradigm-shattering position than he normally lets on. He knows exactly what he is doing, folks. His Twitter finger is a veritable Seal Team Six of bullycide, able to (((ethnically))) cleanse entire newsrooms with the tap of a pinky. Trump is essentially delivering public, extrasensory wedgies and swirlies over the air to millions of bugmen at any given moment; to be quite honest, this is a level of Chadism that I thought was theoretically impossible. No one man should be able to bullycide like ARE president, and yet there he is, delivering a precision-guided tweetbomb holocaust right to the frontostriatal pathway of millions of shitlibs at 2:05am in the morning. This is simply preternatural.

      To borrow one of my favorite CJ quotes (over a year old now, how time flies in Trumpville ):

      Cinco Jotas, on 14 May 2016 - 12:22 PM, said:

      f**k the movies. There's no happy ending here for the media. This is evolution in action. Our oppressive s**tlibmedia has produced the ultimate media killer. Trump isn't a centipede. He's one of those giant Japanese hornets that kills an entire hive full of bees. He's immune to their stings, and until they evolve a new strategy, which will take a generation or more, it'll just be carnage.

      This is a fantastic metaphor, but I think in light of recent events it could use some minor tweaks. Not only is Trump completely immune to the bugman's stings and their postmodern false idols of snark and sarcasm and feigned outrage, he absolutely thrives on their suffering. I see Donald Trump as more of a blue whale (the most yuge animal), happily gliding along with a smug look on his face, mouth lazily opened, all the while swallowing hundreds of plankton at any given moment. Journalists, shitlibs, and assorted anti-Trump f****ts are in this simile the plankton, just complete non-entities to the yuge Trump juggernaut, completely inconsequential in every way, unable to do much of anything in the face of the oncoming titan. Their suffering and eventual destruction fuel Trump for even more trolling and bullyciding; where in the past, conservative sadsacks would wither and die in the face of sustained s**tlibonslaught, President Trump uses their angst to propel himself forward, not really even aware that any one given s**tlib-plankton exists. Trump is an extinction level event for the bugpeople, who are quickly discovering their snarky takedowns and affected, outraged attitudes are akin to when the Poles trotted out the cavalry against the blitzkrieg. When you see the Trump CNN tweet you are effectively witnessing shitlibs using 20th century tactics coming up against a 21st century president; just a complete and total slaughter, the Charge of the Blight Brigade.

      I never thought in my life we'd see such a spectacle, and yet here we are, existing in a universe where it's not completely implausible that POTUS Trump will have John Cena deliver a Five Knuckle Shuffle to some nebbishy trickle down media whore during one of his upcoming press conferences. I only wish David Foster Wallace could have lived to see this day; who would have thought that the harbinger of New Sincerity would be a reality TV billionaire who starred in a Pizza Hut commercial? ARE president is such a Chad that he is murdering postmodernism right before our very eyes, using nothing more than a free Twitter account. Infinite jest indeed.

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      Thursday, July 6, 2017

      Letter to progressives: Jimmy Dore

      If progressives would stroke this guy instead of hating on him, you could get everything you want. His detractors declare from the rooftops that he's a narcissist, in love with himself, the archetypal "young man from Nantucket", So lavish him with praise, affirmation, .... adulation even would be good, and he should give it up for you like a prom queen. I mean Jeez guys, have some imagination. This is a glass-half-full opportunity, and rather than taking it, you're turning him over to the Neocons. "On matters of policy, Trump cited waiting times at the VA before offering a solution: “If they have a nine-day wait,” Trump asked rhetorically, “why don’t they just go see a doctor and our country will pay the doctor? It’s really the least expensive thing that could happen. [We would] have to go out and negotiate some good prices with good doctors … Why don’t we do it?” Although he was speaking of the VA, Trump had just unwittingly endorsed the concept of Medicare For All." I'm a hard-left progressive and a Trump supporter. I sent him to Washington to burn the place down. In 2016 he bitch-slapped the GOP and helped HRC self-terminate and take the Dem party down with her. When Congress recesses in August, Trump will appoint **his** prosecutors and **his** FBI Director, so that the war to Drain the Swamp can begin in earnest.

      Then in 2018, with healthcare a Gordian knot still to be unraveled, Trump will blame it on the GOP old guard, and primary them out. If you're there stroking his ego, and telling him that he can be **The Greatest American President of All Time** if he enacts the single-payer system, which 84% of Americans want, bingo! you win,... by helping him to win. I mean c'mon guys, get creative.

      The Republican Party (tm) is in receivership, on the auction block, up for grabs. Meanwhile, Trump is steeped in NY liberal values, self-love, and big money strategic pragmatism. When are you going to get a better, more malleable vehicle than that? (Hint: never.) So get over your "two minutes of hate" daily dose of hating on the **old** GOP, and take possession of the embryonic Trumpublican party, and mold-slash-drag it (kicking and screaming if necessary) to the populist center. Trump is not the enemy, he is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Hey, just a thought. BY the way, Jimmy, if you get to read this, I'd like a Google hangouts chat with you. A hard-left progressive & Trump supporter; might be interesting.