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America: Israel's bitch.

This is the comment posted to The National Interest.
I don't see any commenters here who "get it". It's not about oil. It's not about nukes. It's all about Israel. It's the Oded Yinon plan. It's about America being Israel's bitch, and America thus subverted being used to destroy all of Israel's enemies ... so that Israel doesn't have to.

AIPAC owns congress, and the State Department, the US foreign policy shop, is controlled by the Neocon agents of Israel. Which explains why the centerpiece of American foreign policy is the Neocon Wolfowitz Doctrine (Google it): Full Spectrum Dominance, the American jackboot poised over the throat of every nation on the planet ... forever. America: Israel's pitbull bitch ... forever ... or at least until America is used up, having spent every last taxpayer dollar on its military ... for the defense of Israel.
Israel wanted Iraq destroyed. Bush 1 and Bush…
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the crypto-entrepreneurial renaissance

The SEC is essentially a criminal organization. It has totally betrayed its mandate, having become a textbook example of Regulatory Capture, and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street, City of London, the Rothschild Group, et al. Though FDR sought to create it for the purpose of restoring confidence in the US capital markets and protecting investors, it was never really about that. The Wall Street criminals FDR hired for that purpose simply built a monopoly for themselves so that they could have exclusive control of global money flows I submit as evidence of the SEC's criminality its 'asleep at the switch' performance in failing to police the Wall Street investment banks in their issuance of Mortgage-Backed SECURITIES leading up to the 2008 housing market meltdown. They are now the enforcement arm of international capital's monopoly on global money flows. No one can issue a security -- under threat of financial destruction and/or imprisonment -- unless they p…

***Their*** door

The door they are "pounding on" is***their*** door. They want their home back. The one you stole from them by murder, rape, and the threat of more of the same. You may have hoodwinked the rest of the world into accepting these crimes, by controlling the media and using it to impose your phony "victim" narrative. But that ended with the emergence of the internet and the smart-phone and its camera. The information stream has been set free. The truth has been set free. The Zionist criminal narrative and the Zionist mythology of "the poor long-suffering Jews" returning to home and safety, to "a land without people, for a people without land" -- and other such nonsense -- now confronts reality and truth. And confronted with the truth, it fails. "Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" never works, not even for those as powerful and effective as the Zionists. Perhaps another approach than stealing, murdering, and lying is in order. M…

The movement to free Julian Assange

In response to a similar comment by ISHKABIBBLE/FEBRUARY 18, 2019

on Caitlin Johnstone's Website:

I am comprehensively in agreement with you. For the last two or three years, I have entertained the same idea. So let me now expand on your — and my — suggestion. First of all, this undertaking should be done completely out in the open. There should be no secrecy involved. It should be a mass, overt, worldwide effort, with invitations to assemble in London for the event sent out to all those who support Assange. There should be no question whatsoever that it is an in-your-face repudiation and challenge to the British “Establishment”/Deep State. The action would be nothing less than a “Declaration of Independence” issued by the people of the world against the craven and unlawful imprisonment of by the UK of Assange on behalf of United States. …

Cross-post back-up to The Algemeiner, 1/26/2019

I posted the comment below to this article in the Algmeiner:
New York Times Columnist Cheers for Boycotting Israel It has been "flagged" for moderation, and I expect it will be removed, so I have preserved it here. Here's the comment:                     ************************************      The Zionists will have all of Israel and "Arab rein" at that. Like all criminals, Zionists remain convinced of their "innocence", and then ferociously broadcast across the Western world the insane justifications for their crimes, forcing their mind-rape on others, threatening the destruction of the lives and careers, in politics, business, the media, or academia, of anyone who dares to speak the truth. Ms. Alexander shows her courage by daring to point this out. These criminals will ***NEVER*** acknowledge their crimes. Never. No matter. The world bears witness. Who are you going to believe, the Zionists, or your lying eyes?" So inevitably, this will end…

The Zio-Mind-F*ck "Moderated" from AW.C 1/17/2019

The Zionists -- all of them, all across the world -- in furtherance of Zionist criminality -- are experts at disinformation, distraction, delay, and diversion -- or, to coin a phrase: The Zio-Mind-F*ck. ***Israel's*** channel 13 broadcasts some bs, and immediately the Goyim start "discussing" it as if it was something real, rather than just the next chapter in the ongoing effort to keep the Goyim fussing about, as the Zionist plan progresses, unimpeded. In "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" the villagers eventually caught on. The Goyim are slower.As deganawida writes, "Israel wants it all-100%". Exactly.And they will have it all, eventually, and "Arab rein" to boot. But if the pattern of five-thousand years of history is any indication, the Zionist zealots, unable to restrain themselves, will overreach, and once again suffer some form of "setback".


You can see my lengthy exchange -- some of it at least -- with the moderator regar…

The peril of divided loyalty

How do you characterize someone who betrays? A "betrayer"? No, the commonly used and just as commonly accepted term is "traitor".A number of social commentators have tried to make the case that the meaning of "traitor" is illegitimate when extended beyond the legal meaning. But the meaning conferred by common usage is far more frequent, and consequently not just legitimate, but more legitimate.The American Jewish community has been hoodwinked by the Zionist leadership into unwittingly betraying the US -- the country of its citizenship, the country that gave them unprecedented opportunity to live freely, act freely, and prosper -- and favor favor a foreign country -- Israel -- which has pursued its own interests at the expense of the US. If Israel is not an enemy of the US, it is most certainly a ruthless predator, willing to pursue it's own interests by comprehensively victimizing an "ally" so subverted that it has become unable to ackno…