Monday, May 28, 2018

AW.C moderation back-up 5/28/2018

It's odd Justin, that nobody seems to get it. Trump is an instinctive political genius. By instinct, I mean he doesn't act on the basis of rationality. He doesn't think it out, that's not his way. He just does it, because he has a feel for it, and it works. It's a talent not many people have.
He doesn't see things Boltons way. He said as much in the campaign. Peace in the Mideast; withdraw from unnecessary Wars; get along with Russia,etc. So why then does he hire somebody like Bolton? Or Nikki Haley? Or Pompeo? "Rational thinkers" say either he was a liar to begin with, OR he's been beaten down and forced to surrender to the enemy. That's where thinking gets you -- the kind of "thinking" that has screwed things up for the American people since Viet Nam.
That's not where instinct to gets you.
"...some craven scruple
Of thinking too precisely on th' event—
A thought which, quarter'd, hath but one part wisdom
And ever three parts coward"
Try this instead, the instinctive approach: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Hire your enemies, so that their followers think they have won. Your enemies may think they are strengthened, when in fact they are weakened. Let them run their mouths off from "inside the citidel". Let them try to sabotage your plan. Then use their menace like it was good cop bad cop all from the start. Then be the good cop and slap those bad guys down. They're stuck, unable to counter effectively, because the good cop "owns" them. Because they don't want to risk losing their high-profile, super-important jobs. At the finish line, the Trumpinator comes out smelling like a rose; the Hero who beats the bad guys, and we all live happily ever after. Everyone wants the Hero to win in the end. And when he does, we all feel good about it. Make America Feel Good Again. Dramatic tension makes for fabulous political theater.
The hero doesn't think. He doesn't have to. Somewhere down deep, from a place "before" thought he knows, without even knowing he knows. He has always been that way. He is used to winning. He almost always wins. And when, on those rare occasions when he doesn't win, he doesn't much notice, just moves on fearlessly, because,... well,... he always wins,..... in the end.
Trump does not inhabit the world of ordinary men.

AW.C moderation backup 5/26/2018 The Abused Jews of Iraq

White makes right.
Modern Zionism has its origins in the nationalism/imperialism/racism/supremacism that arose in Europe from the time of the Renaissance, and then launched itself into the world in what our history books euphemistically refer to as Western "Colonialism". "Colonialism my ass! The unsanitized, uneuphemized truth: it was European -- both west and east -- invasion, military conquest, slaughter, domination, theft, enslavement, and exploitation. With European Jewry right there as student, teacher, and devotee.
Zionism is just more of the same. Just a little late to the show.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

AW.C moderation back-up 5/16/2018

The Zionists, through their American fifth column, have
bought and repurposed the US govt since 1948 (if not before).
Congress is owned/subverted by AIPAC, with money
from the hoodwinked US J*wish community, to serve
Israeli interests ahead of American interests. And they
own the State Dept -- and with it US foreign policy
-- through more numerous and more abundantly-funded
policy shops in DC.

This "ownership" has been in effect through US
administrations at least back to Truman, but you,
addicted to Trump-hate, insist on making it about Trump.

It is the opposition to Trump, the opposition by folks
like you, in your refusal to help rebuild America, in
your petulance and emotional self-indulgence, that
drove Trump into the arms of the worst of America's
domestic enemies. Trump's failure to drain the
swamp falls squarely at the feet of those like you,
who refused to support the President in his efforts to
fix America.

Have a peaceful relationship with Russia,
Bring back American jobs (yes, it ***CAN*** be done),
Fix trade agreements unfavorable to US
Take care of America first,
Honor and support our vets by ending illegal, costly, and counterproductive foreign wars,
Close foreign bases & bring US troops home, Require other countries to provide for their own defense,
Have an America-first immigration policy,
Control the southern border,
Fix non-performing ACA health care,
But no! You hate Trump too much to help him do
these things for America. You'd rather see America
turn into a shithole country so that you could get
your jollies blaming Trump.
A Well-Informed Citizenry, Being Necessary To The
Liberty Of A Free State...
Good luck with that.

Monday, May 14, 2018

AW.C moderation back-up 5/14/2018

Actually, worse than the Nazis, because the lesson they took from the Holocaust, rather than humility and compassion, was how to "properly" conduct racial genocide.
(The truth is even worse. It could be said that the Nazis were schooled in their way of genocide by the Zionists themselves, who planned the "cleansing" of the Palestinians all the way back in 1897, at the dawn of the Zionist plan. But that would be overstatement. Genocide based on racial supremacism has been a human tribal practice from before the dawn of humanity. The J*ws didn't invent it, despite being early practitioners.)
A further irony: it is in fact the Palestinians who are the descendants of the J*ws of ancient Israel (long since converted to Islam) not the invading, white European Ashkenazis who are murdering them.

Apparently, unlike the J*ws, the followers of Islam were uneven in their following the directions of scripture. Not to mention that words in a book are different from actions in the real world. But you're Hasbara, your goal is to catapult the propaganda, to promote the lies that justify and obscure Zionist crimes. But these days you have an uphill battle, since the world sees the truth every day with their own "lying" eyes. You're strategy of threatening the whole world into submission is a flawed plan.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Moderation" at antiwar dot com

Probably wasn't Jason.  He writes, but to my knowledge doesn't "moderate".  Did you use the term "the Jews"?  That collective noun will get you in trouble.

Personally, I don't agree with the prohibition of so-called "hate speech".  I think that so-called
 "hate speech" should be among the most protected.  Nothing needs sunshine -- and thus "protection" -- more than this most disapproved of speech.  But unfortunately (in my view) the PC thought police culture, the SJW culture, has achieved a level of domination that expressions of animus are only allowed against "approved" groups: Commies, Russians, Trump supporters, Muslims, (fill in your favorite "other").

And of course, because I used the term "the J*ws" above, the automatic flag is activated and badda bing: "Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by News from"

Let's see if it gets through.

As always, these days, when I post something that just might get "moderated" (ie censored) I post it separately on my blog, "whimsical dog" (no caps).  So if you see "post deleted", you can go there to see if it was me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ethis vs tribal criminality

Israel is a geopolitical crime-in-progress. No crime has a right to exist, no criminals in the commission of a crime have the right to self-defense. They have the right to surrender to a competent authority, have the "issue" adjudicated by a fair judicial authority, and if found guilty to be subject to a proportionate penalty, and after having served their time, permitted once again to participate in lawful society.
The greatest existential threat to Israel,... is Israel.
I'm an American and a Jew, just not a supporter Zionist or American criminality.
You, on the other hand appear to be utterly untouched by any taint of ethics outside criminal tribalism. Sad.
Small detail: the Saudi oil production facilities can be destroyed with conventional explosives. Nukes not necessary.
  • The unwisdom of underestimating Putin/Russia

    A Hasbarist commenter on attempted to "smear" someone as a  "putin supporter".  Here's my reply:

    Damn right, and proud of it. You deploy "putin supporter" thinking of it as some kind of smear. For me it is the hallmark of good sense, and a complement of the highest order.
    The old anti-Commie cold war has been over for a quarter of a century, but you can never let it go because "those who cannot be mentioned here on" cannot give up their thousand-year blood feud with the Russ.
    What is anything other than right and smart about being a Putin supporter? He's the preeminent statesman of our time. Rational, careful, focused, prudent. Trying at all times to reduce tensions and seek stability. Also a strategic thinker of the highest order. Going up against Putin militarily is going to be the biggest mistake the US, UK, France, the Saudis, and Israel ever made.
    I anticipate that Putin will deter any attack by finding a way to convince the "coalition" of the self-defeating nature of trying to turn around their Syria defeat by doubling down with a military escalation.
    While I believe the idea that Russia/Putin interfered in the 2016 Presidential election to be a total fabrication, nevertheless, if he did, and if he managed to defeat HRC and elect Trump, then I thank him for that. (Although, at this point, with war looming, it may not have worked out all that well. But that's on the Deep State and Neocon psychopaths, and the brainless left, not on Putin.)
    Just so you understand what Putin ***could*** do....
    First, he puts every last one of Russia's nuke forces on hair-trigger alert and begins reactivating all nukes currently in storage. Then he puts all Russian citizens on a nuclear war footing, in particular preparing the country's civil defense readiness.
    Then there are three deterrent steps Putin can take. In order of severity:
    (1) Obliterate or threaten to obliterate the Saudi oil production facilities. Nine billion fewer barrels of oil per day drives the price of oil to $400/barrel, plunges the Western economies into chaos and hugely benefits Russia/Iran/Venezuela.
    (2) Destroy the US satellite fleet -- not a single drop of American blood shed -- making the US military blind, deaf, and unable to communicate or coordinate.
    (3) Obliterate or threaten to obliterate Israel. Israel has a limited nuclear retaliation capability, but if the survival of Russia is at stake, then a comprehensive Russian first will reduce if not destroy that capability. Meanwhile, the US will not be willing to commit nuclear suicide by retaliating for an attack on Israel. Especially when they see the full horror and suffering as demonstrated by the destruction of Israel. (And since Israel is behind all the violence in the Mideast, and the subversion of the US govt, all those problems will be swept away in a single stroke.)
    Simply communicating this range of options to "the coalition" should be enough to dissuade them from going ahead with their war plan. If not, then option (1) should elimiate any notion of a Russian "bluff", and provide a second chance, a chance to rethink.