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Yet another comment critical of Israel and its tribal criminal accomplices, removed by the "moderator" at This was comment in response to "jake", to    Israel’s Bennet Warns There are Non-Peaceful Ways to Deal With Iran , 10/13/2021.   No surprise of course.  We live in the Age of Censorship and cancellation, so must be careful lest it be "disappeared".                              ************************************************ Jake = Jacob = just another hasbarist. "Israel is a free country." No. " Israel is a democracy." No. Zionism is a criminal ideology, perpetuating itself through the purchase and coercion of governments and concealing its evil behind an indisputably brilliant global program of sanitizing propaganda. Israel is a geopolitical crime-in-progress. No crime has "a right to exist". No criminal enterprise has "a right to defend itself ". It has a right to surrender to a compet
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Posted and then" removed" from comments to "Biden’s Top Asia Official Says US Engagement With China Is Over" at

  Thomas, Why was this removed when first posted? Is it the Unz reference or link? If you will point out the problem, I will fix it. Or perhaps it wasn't you, but rather the same unseen hand that has "automatically", almost comprehensively, removed/cancelled/disappeared The Unz Review commentary from all social media ... and perhaps now Disqus as well? ****************** Here's the original post, with the Unz link replaced by the essay's title. ******************** "The" lab? Which lab is "the" lab? You of course mean the Wuhan lab, but really, is that "the" lab? How about the North Carolina lab that Fauci admitted in Congressional testimony was doing Gain of Function research on bat corona viruses? This discussion is infuriatingly -- despairingly might be a better descriptive -- infected by propagandized biases and media-generated, "perception management" reality alienation. Angry as I am -- I'm tempted to slam all you

Origins of Covid

Posted to the comments section of Genetic Literacy Project (and then almost immediately removed as Spam.  But then almost immediately reposted and marked as ***NOT SPAM***.)  An aspect of this matter that has not been covered/mentioned, even by Ron Unz in his review: Twenty years ago, witnessing the rise of China with double digit GDP growth, and the rapid Neoliberal transfer of manufacturing to China, I thought to myself that the US could only recover competitiveness and the US jobs that were then being moved to China, in (***only***) one of two ways: (1) Nuke China "back to the stone age" (radical in the extreme, as well as "impractical" because of China's nuclear deterrent, and because the barbaric severity would have correspondingly severe global political implications). Clearly too

Comment to

I have to assume that you are a person of good faith, and therefore set aside my outrage at the damage you have done ... the damage you have done because you are insane. Your cult-like partisanship was "triggered" by Trump's defeat of Hillary and drove you insane. I wish I could feel sympathy for you, but there is a reason the insane are put in an asylum, because having them run around free is a danger to society. That's the situation we are in today. You and the rest of the insane, incoherently furious, are running around burning the place down. I don't have time -- in truth I think it futile -- to have a discussion with you. When ***your*** world is in ruins, with you sitting amidst the rubble, you will still not "get it". Sad. The good news is that, in ***my*** world, far away from the madness, I am prosperous and safe, and somewhat connected to reality. Because you want to be a good person and help to make the world a better place -- but more, becaus

Censored once again. This time from AW.C's " Robert Kagan Diagnosed America’s Biggest Problem: Americans Who Don’t Want To Run the World"

Bandow dare not name the criminal monster at the heart of the issue, lest he be cast out of the heaven of lawful discourse into the hell of despised truth-tellers. "America is Israel's bitch." That's how I usually say it. But for Kagan and Nuland and the rest of the treasonous Neocons, America must be Israel's Luca Brasi: big, stupid, brutal, with a "loyalty" characterized by slavish obedience. The criminal Zionists, the treasonous Zionists, the life-sucking parasitic Zionists, are exemplified by Kagan and Nuland and the rest of the Neocon cancer that infects the US as they have infected so many "hosts" over the last 5-thousand years. But Bandow dare not speak that truth. So we remain infected by those who must never be named. Infected unto the death of the republic. And so we have the Kagan call to arms, the Kagan, Albright, Nuland et al call to national suicide: "We must fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here.

Censorship again: this time from the American Conservative, Nov 3, 2020

In this Article ... America’s Biggest Problem Isn’t Trump; It’s That We Can’t Hold Iraq War Hawks Accountable Slenderman2008 commented: " First of all, yes, "America's biggest problem" is Trump. Just look at Trump's government response, such as it was, to the pandemic. ... [etc] ... then to the original comment and to slederman2008's later response,   I countered  with these below, which the "moderation" deleted, (perhaps for the harshness of my tone, though I can't really say): I wrote: "No, ***YOU*** and those like you, with your Trump-hate and your broken brains, are the problem.  On the 18th of March, when the US had only 250 covid deaths, Trump touted hydroxychloroquine-plus-zinc as a treatment for the virus.  As a preventive.  But then your Trump-hate exploded in disparaging that recommendation, which

Post to TAC's "Martin Indyk: An Important Neoliberal Defects From The Blob" JANUARY 22, 2020

America is Israel's bitch, and Indyk is one of the top tier pimps-for-Israel. The US govt is comprehensively subverted by Israel: AIPAC has bought Congress. While Schumer, Nadler, Sherman, Schiff, Durbin, and the rest of the House and Senate Jewish members never needed "buying", having been Israel-firsters and a treasonous fifth column from the start.  The Neocons run the State Dept, where The Wolfowitz Doctrine" has been installed as the centerpiece of US  foreign policy.: "Global Conquest on behalf of Israel" The Jewish subversion of its host country is precisely the situation that has resulted in a hundred -- real number -- instances of "anti-Semitic" (the classic "victim card" played by the Jews whenever justice comes calling) reaction that Jewish predatory behavior has provoked over their 5k year history). So now, as the curtain concealing the damage to the US wrought by Jewish/Zionist subversion is lifted, the 5k year patte