Monday, December 19, 2016

The Kikes have won, let them have the damn place.

Sykes-Picot is dead. George Bush strapped a bomb to it and blew it up.
What was once Iraq is no more. The Shia have the plum part, Baghdad and the lion’s share of oil. The Kurds have a part, with more than a bit of oil as well. But the Sunnis, once the masters but now stripped of power, have been reduced to refugees and confined to their “reservation” in the wastelands of Anbar or fighting a grueling/losing battle for control of Mosul.
Syria the same. The remnants of Saddam’s regime fled there after the US invasion. But the Neocons weren’t through with them. Meat puppet Bush and anti-Christ-wannabe Cheney handed off the Neocon/Oded Yinon project to spineless phony Obama and mad dog Hillary, who then proceeded to do to Syria what their predecessors had done to Iraq. So the remnants of Saddam’s regime came out of retirement, and now Syria is broken as well, with the Sunni tribal regions of the east — the Upper Euphrates valley — in possession of radical Sunni head-choppers.
All of Sunnistan, from the Saudi border with Anbar in the south to the Euphrates crossing at the Turkish border in the north is “in play”. The Sunnis will not abide Shia domination, from either Baghdad or Damascus. Absent a “political solution” there will be “forever war”.
The solution — a Trumpian solution in accord with a new Trump Doctrine of foreign policy — akin to Mr. Shamir’s projection, is offered here for your consideration: the voluntary relocation of all the Palestinians — all of them: those in Israel proper, the West bank, Gaza, and the diaspora — to the new Sunnistan now aborning in the Sunni tribal regions of what was once Iraq and Syria.
In contrast to “the nakba method” — the violent expulsion at bayonet point incentivized by massacre and threat of massacre — the “voluntary” method/Trump-the-builder method uses the carrot rather than the stick. Pony up the cash — the Brits who started this shit, the Saudis and Gulf Sheikdoms, and the f*cking Jews — and buy/build the Sunnis a whole shiny new country with all the bells and whistles. Here's a Trumpian real estate project if I ever saw one.  Talk about "qualified"!  Who could be more qualified than the world's preeminent deal-making real estate wizard himself?  Trump tower, Trump America, Trump Palestine,… (Trump World ... coming soon to a planet near you).  The Chinese could be contracted for the actual construction. Lots of upside for everyone.
The Israelis would certainly get behind such an effort. They would like nothing more than to get rid of their Arab trash. The Palestinians would certainly appreciate the idea of getting the f*cking Zionist jackboot off their throat.  Ditto the rest of the world. Make the offer to relocate generous enough and almost every Palestinian would accept. (A few stubborn souls would no doubt refuse, but few enough that it wouldn’t scotch the deal. Certainly less than the current 20% of Palestinian Israelis.)
The Kikes have won, let them have the damn place. See what happens to them when they don’t have anyone to blame for their bad behavior. My guess: they never learn -- they haven't learned in five-thousand years -- so they'll screw themselves yet again and that shitty little place will soon enough “pass into the pages of history”.

And FYI, I'm an American and a proud fucking Jew, deal with it.

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