Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Right to exist, right to self-defense.....not!

The following is a post I made to The Algemeiner, an online Jewish publication, in response to "Golda Meir was no J-Streeter", http://www.algemeiner.com/2015/09/08/golda-meir-was-no-j-streeter/#comment-4474211. Like many Jewish publications The Algemeiner has a limited tolerance for the truth when the truth is critical of Israel and its supporters, and so, not surprisingly, the comment was deleted by "moderation". I reprint it here for your consideration.
Make no mistake, I’m an American and a Jew.
For those of you thoroughly infected with the Judiasm-destroying poison of Zionism, here is the antidote to your Kool-aid dreams. Drink deeply and wake up to reality.
We often hear the phrase “Israel’s right to exist” and along with it, “Israel’s right to self-defense.” Hear them endlessly, by propagandists who repeat them endlessly. But endless repetition does not make a thing true. The phantom “legitimacy” of endless repetition is just the stink that remains after well executed propaganda has raped the truth.
Yet the truth exists.
And here it is: a fact-based, truth-based, ethics-based summary.
In 1917, the British Imperial elite and the World Zionist Organization joined forces to take Palestine from the people — 95% Arab — who had lived there for 70 generations, and give it to the Jews/Zionists. Taking what doesn’t belong to you has a name: it’s called stealing.
This “plan” was a crime of conspiracy then, in its embryonic stage, as the theft and murder in it’s execution is a crime today. A crime is still a crime, despite 90 years of control of the media. A crime is still a crime despite 90 years of impunity from prosecution, or 90 years of protection through propaganda. Just as no amount of time can transform a lie into the truth, so too, no amount of time can convert a crime into a legal act.
The Zionist entity called Israel is nothing less than a geopolitical crime-in-progress. This is the truth that the Jews will never be able to “disappear”, and that the digital age and internet have finally set free.
So when next you hear about Israel’s supposed “right to exist”, consider: what crime has a “right to exist”?, what criminal enterprise has a “right to exist”? Add to that: what criminal has a “right to self-defense”? What criminal has the right to commit violence in the furtherance of a crime? What criminal has the right to fight back against the lawful authority that arrives to halt the crime and arrest the criminals?
Israel, the Zionists, their enablers, and their supporters are criminals: thieves and murderers on a global scale. In their criminality they have no “right to exist”, and in their criminality they have no “right to self-defense”.
Yet, they do have rights. And I support those rights. They have the right to surrender to a competent authority. They have the right to a fair trial. If found guilty, they have the right to a proportionate penalty. And finally, once the offenders have “done their time”, they have the right to rejoin society and resume a peaceful cooperative existence.
A time is approaching when the Zionist criminals will not be allowed to continue their crimes. A billion — with a “b” — and a half Muslims outraged at the Zionist-directed war, against Palestinians in particular and all of Islam generally, and a world ever more unsympathetic with disproportionate Israeli brutality will not allow it. The Israeli post-holocaust get-out-of-jail-free card, dog-eared and threadbare from overuse, has expired.
As an American and a Jew I see the danger for Jews the world over. Jews support their fellow Jews. This ancient and enduring tribal loyalty now leads the Jews into danger. They fail to see the likely consequences that arise from being seen as accomplices in Israeli crimes. A new holocaust is being built, the Jews are building it themselves, and the Zionist criminal project Israel is the foundation stone of that looming catastrophe.
When the three hundred million non-Jewish Americans figure out that their country, its Congress, it’s executive, has been taken over by “the Jews” (the Zionists actually, but no one will bother with that distinction), as in ancient Egypt, and ancient Israel in the time of the Romans, and Spain and Portugal of early Roman Catholicism, or most recently during the era of the Nazis, resentment will rise, and time will have run out.
Now is the time for Jews, American Jews in particular to rise above tribal exceptionalism and criminal apologism and ***fix the problem*** before the problem “fixes” the Jews,…yet again.
Good luck.
Here are the crucial sources for the truth underlying the situation the world finds itself in today vis a vis Israel.
The last three are long, scholarly, and frankly, a bit dry. However, the first, for obvious reasons, is quite entertaining.
“Concerning the Jews” by Mark Twain
The Hidden History of Zionism
Behind the Balfour Declaration
Benjamin Freedman

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