Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RT deletion re Assange

It seems I have run afoul of some moderation standard, though for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. My comment was smart and funny and truthful and,... and now it's gone. I used no foul language, I spoke disparagingly of the premier American intelligence agency, and I spoke approvingly for the most part of Julian Assange. I'm no troll, but apparently it seems so to the man behind the curtain -- don't you just hate the anonymity of censorship by moderation? Wouldn't you rather that they had the courage to stand in the sunlight when they arrogate to themselves the right to cancel your freedom of speech? -- the man behind the curtain saw fit to erase me from the record. Will this comment get past the hidden gatekeepers? I suspect not, because of what I'm about to do next? But then you can never tell.

If anyone cares to view the deleted comment it can be found on my blog, 
“whimsical dog” at: http://whimsicaldog.blogspot.com/

And if, perchance the moderator(s) should happen to see this before deleting it, please feel free to drop by my blog and explain your actions.   Here's the offending comment:

The £12m is chump change for the CIA. I'm sure they have already payed, and gladly, that and more to the Brits (and the Swedes) for keeping Assange locked up in an Ecuadorian jail,...er, embassy. The US doesn't really care about punishing Assange so much as discrediting him, making an example of him, destroying his power as an international heroic figure and inspiration to other would-be Robin Hoods. They accomplish that perfectly by keeping him in jail indefinitely on nothing more than tawdry and groundless non-charges. Assange, who had humiliated the US, has now had the tables turned, all the power and celebrity sucked out of his image, reduced to a self-evidently powerless loudmouth facing five more years of jerking off in what amounts to a one room Ecuadoran jail cell.

Had he been a truly heroic figure he would have broken out of his UK confinement, gone shopping at Harrod's next door, taken a helicopter ride to the Ecuadoran embassy in Oslo, and from the balcony there, thoroughly humiliated the Swedish prosecutors and other assorted US stooges in the Swedish government, while Swedish babes lined up around the block for the chance to party with him all night long. But sadly, after famously poking Uncle Sam in the eye, he lost his nerve, and got boxed in by lawyers who put a leash and choke chain around those once legendary big brass ones.

Game, set, and match to the CIA.

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