Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Treason at the Washington Post

The Washington Post is owned by Bezos, who has a 10 year $650 million contract with the CIA for internet services.  The Democratic party, the deep state, the media, and the intelligence community -- the CIA et al -- have all been working tirelessly from election-day-plus-one to bring down the Trump presidency.  They have placed their bets on the "treasonous cooperation with the Russian enemy" storyline as the centerpiece of the delegitimization/path-to-impeachment effort.  A media defamation storm -- "Russian interference!", "Russian hacking!", "Russian collusion!" -- has been pumped relentlessly across the airwaves and in print since the Obama Admin assigned Comey and the FBI in July 2016 to investigate putatively "suspicious" connections between Russia and the Trump campaign et al.

The campaign of delegitimization has continued, and even intensified, despite eight months of investigation without a shred of evidence emerging to support the allegations.  Now, on the occasion of the first official meeting of the President of the United States with Russia's top diplomatic officials, we have "reports" of presidential misconduct/negligence in national security matters off the highest order!  

Trump is a Russian spy!  Oh please!!

This is a domestic false flag against the duly elected President.  This is a soft coup by the intelligence community against American democracy.  Knowledge of "highly classified material"-- keep in mind that it's BS -- supposedly revealed -- again, more BS -- by the President could only have come from leaks from the CIA, passed deliberately to The Washington Post which has long served as the go to publisher for CIA domestic "perception management" efforts.

The default assumption in this matter can only be that this is an utterly transparent continuation of the ongoing effort by the IC/deep state to subdue/destroy an elected president.  This is blatant, full-on treason.

The Washington Post is up to its eyeballs in treason.

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