Friday, May 12, 2017

Something worth saving

Something worth saving
Daganawida's poetic comments to the article:
what do you kill for?
Ahh you bomb
In the name of democracy
They kill in the name
Of islam
Who is the greater fool?
Tell the orphan
Now he’s free
Free to walk
without mother
Without his dad
Without a home
He must thank the usa
Or does he thank the taliban
Tell the homeless
You’ve wrecked the place
Slaughtered so many
And now you will leave
Go do the same
Down the road
Till you globally suppress
All those who say no
Leave them a bill
Like you just did cambodia
Turn your back
On the struggling refugees
You've created
Convince yourself
The darkness is light
Bad is good(for you of course)
overseas victims
Not even human enough
to be your poolboy
Scorn the dead you’ve killed
In the name of god
For your country
Other holy names
You perverse and defame
Its all about profit
A profit you pay the price for
But never share
As you pay to kill
Send your kids to destro
Its insanity to kill like this
You got the might
But never
Will have the right
Someday a price
A cost
Will backblow to your shores
When chickens come home to roost
Back home
Deep under the sand
Feed the bs machine
Salute the troopers
Praise be the killers
Bend a knee
Thank the troops
Perpetual war
For profit
For a buck
That cannon fodder
Never share
But the parades go on
You gotta wake up
Before its too late
Before we’re great
Again and again and again
It’s all a criminal sham…
And you're a part
Part of the scam
With innocent blood on your hands


Silent Slaughter
Bombs never here
sent over there
we are good
they are bad
go to sleep
my children
nothing to hear
But a
silent slaughter
loud and clear
a crescendo of horror
a concerto of terror
playing jingo risk
for a higher profit margin
Fire all around
smoke black and thick
screaming victims
torn from limb to limb
but you never hear
cause its silent slaughter
over there
never here
you're the good guy
and you dont have to
worry think or criticize
we have that too…
We murder god and country
I was just doing my duty
I get a medal
I am honored
Its insanity folks

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