Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump and the "Big Dog" instinct

My response to a comment by Thomas Knapp, Moderator at, to his comment re:

by Justin Raimondo


Trump is a builder not a destroyer. He has already indicated he doesn't approve of the Neocons and their policy, doesn't approve of NATO, particularly a NATO that rips off the US taxpayer on behalf of Neocons/Neoliberals with a war-dependent profit center, doesn't see the sense in adversarial belligerence with Russia and China rather than a mutually beneficial, constructive and cooperative relationship, and has stated that the greatest threat to humanity lies in the immense destructive power of modern weaponry. While Trump has declared himself "the most miltaristic", he has made it clear that the intent of that "strength" is the avoidance of conflict. So clearly, Trump is no war-monger. On he contrary, he is a "peace and constructive engagement"-monger
I suspect, from what I have personally experienced from Mr. Moderator Thomas Knapp, that he responds to The Donald with the typical alpha male reflex: has to bark back at the decidedly bigger "big dog".
There's a lot of that alpha male response to Trump going around. Wait and see -- you read it here first -- when they have exhausted themselves barking and posturing, when they have satisfied their emotional need to confirm their own manhood by performing the ritual dance of dominance/submission, they will crouch in fawning adoration at the feet of the mutually acknowledged "winner", the dominant one, the "big dog". Trump wins in a landslide, or as I like to say, "Trump, the presumptive President-elect."
The rest of us like him because he makes sense.
Humans at the personal level are primarily instinct-driven creatures. Whatever rationality they pat themselves on the back for actually stems from the primitive instinct for self-preservation, which is at all times put in danger by the testosterone-driven compulsion to dominate. Men are mostly jerks. In this electoral season "the primitive" is on display as never before. What a spectacle: Donald Trump bjtch-slaps the predator class. It doesn't get any better than this. Well, that is until the main event, the celebrity death-match of the millennium, the evisceration of Hillary "anti-Christ-with-a-vagina" Clinton. Gives me a hard-on just thinking about it.
Welcome to the world-as-televised-digital-reality-show.

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