Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time to drop that bomb, Donald

From the comments to:


State Dept: No Plans to Make Memo Calling for War Public

by Jason Ditz, June 17, 2016
Richard Young wrote:

As I recall it, the 9/11 attacks were made by 19 Al Qaeda terrorists, 15 of which were Saudis and ZERO were Syrians. The Syrian government is secular and is under armed attack by the Saudis; by mostly Sunni extremist groups (Al Nusra and ISIS, both of which emerged from Al Qaeda) who follow the teachings of Wahabi Sunni extremist clerics in Saudi Arabia. If our US Government has any justification for supporting "regime change" in the Middle East, the prime target ought to be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and not Syria. The Syrian regime has done absolutely nothing to harm US interests, unlike Saudi Arabia which has spread violent Sunni extremism all over the planet.

And I replied:

Exactly right,... fifteen years after 911, five years after the start of the Neocon/Saudi war to destroy Syria. Yet despite the flashing red, undeniable fact that Saudi Wahabism funded by Saudi oil money is the cancerous source and financial fuel for extreme Islamic terrorism from Morocco to Mindanao, this reality struggles even today to find expression in the MSM. The reason this remains suppressed is as obvious as it is criminal: huge American oil company profits and huge American arms manufacturer profits flow from Saudi oil money.
Time for Donald Trump. who and has no stake in tainted oil money -- to blow the lid off this criminal business. Executive bullet points: Bush family closeness to the Saudis -- inflamed nicely with photos of GWB holding hands with Bandar "Bush" -- The Carlyle Group principals, w/revenue stream details, Dick "Darkside" Cheney and his Halliburton connections.
As you know, Trump sought to tie Obama to the Orlando attack through the Obama administration's support for the anti-Assad "rebels" -- al Quaeda et al -- in Syria. (Though Trump didn't mention her, Hillary is linked as well, heading up as she did the Neocon-driven State Dept/CIA Syrian regime change effort.) So far, the media has deflected Trump's effort to get traction with that issue.
In stark contrast, the Saudi/Wahabbi/Bush/Cheney terrorist connection is a nuke-level monster issue primed for detonation. Hillary as the head of Obama's State Dept, would be caught well within the "blast radius". Time to drop that bomb, Donald.

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