Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump America is coming

After sixteen years of gloom, understandably depressed, one Zachary Smith writes, 

"I’ve been forced to admit to myself that unless some sort of miracle happens, Hillary is going to become President of the United States."

Whereupon, I attempt to brighten his outlook.  The clouds of dark despair brought on by sixteen years of failed governance is coming to an end.  Get ready to feel good again America. 

Calm yourself, miracles happen, Trump will win in a landslide.
From now to the Repub convention, Trump will pound on Hillary for her record of arrogance, incompetence, and failure. Then, when he has the nomination signed and irrevocably in his pocket, he will declare himself the new owner of the Republican brand, and reinvent the party as the party of Trump, a centrist/populist party of Main Street, of the working man/woman. Right wing extremists will cleave off (or stay on board out of force of habit or fear of abandonment in the political wilderness), but conservative democrats will flock to the new GOP as will women, Hispanics, and to a lesser extent the melanin-enriched. Why will these supposedly “unrecoverably alienated” voting blocks come on board? For the simple and obvious reason that Trump’s economic revitalization will focus on creating jobs. That’s jobs for everyone across the spectrum: whites, Hispanics, blacks, women,…everyone. Hillary, the other choice, the candidate of the neo-liberal establishment — corporations, bankers, the “one percent” — offers what? More of the same old same old. Feel good talk and empty promises. The Bill Cosby approach: drug them with promises, take what you want — ie their vote — and then kick them back into the gutter until the next election cycle.

The American people are sick to death of their serial screwing at the hands of the two-corrupt-party, good cop/bad cop political duopoly, but till now they were helpless to do anything about it. Then came Trump. Can he fix a broken America? Maybe yes, maybe no. But with Hillary you know for exactly what you're going to get: if you're lucky, you'll only get screwed the same as before, but if unlucky, possibly screwed even worse.

No way Hillary can overcome her record and her negatives. So get ready for a Trump renaissance.

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