Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Censored from

The Zionists stole Palestine, murdered and expelled Palestinians, lie about it to cover up their crimes, and bankroll virtually the entire MSM to relentlessly repeat those lies. Possibly worst of all is the comprehensive subversion of the United States which they have achieved by the simple expedient of buying/bribing/threatening the Senate and House. Sadly, the American Jewish community has become complicit in the Zionist subversion -- yet again demonstrating the historically persistent "dual loyalty" problem -- by bankrolling the subversion.
The American Jewish community was, for the first hundred years, hoodwinked into thinking that the Zionist project was both pragmatic and just. Now that the internet has revealed the essential and criminal nature of Zionism, many in the American Jewish community, particularly the young, are beginning to turn against the Zionist project, but the majority, the older folks, continue their support. As they have for five-thousand years, the tribe supports the tribe, even in its suicidal criminality. Will the millenium-long pattern of attempted suicide-by-goy finally be blunted, turned back, and brought to an end,... before the next holocaust? Will the Jews finally learn? As an American and a Jew, I certainly hope so.
You, Don?

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