Monday, January 23, 2017

Hobnail boots

You got it exactly right.

Trump is a builder, not a "conqueror". His mindset is managerial not martial. He sees, as so many "people of intellect and morality" see, that the Soviet Union -- the Commie boogieman -- is now dead a quarter century, and that continuing to kick at the memory of that dead horse, or seeking to manufacture a replacement boogieman, only serves political ideologues and others with a personal stake in continued belligerence. It's pointless Kabuki and a huge waste of money.

The crucial question is found in Justin's observation:

"He’s pledged to take so much on in so short a time that even someone with so much energy is bound to get bogged down by relentless opposition from every quarter."

Trump is indeed possessed of an incredible level of "energy". At seventy years old, with the vitality of a thirty-year old, he is a phenomenon . And when people are working ***WITH*** him, that energy is focused laser-like on getting the job done,... with results. Witness his accomplishments, his (dare I say "legendary") effectiveness.

It is when he is faced with opposition, obstruction, or attack that the Trumpian spectacle dazzles. That's when he summons up his inner Roy Cohn, puts on his hobnail boots, and stomps out the "suck-on-this" mambo on their sorry asses. It was a delight to see him do it to the Republican clown show in the primary, and to fat and fatuous Hillary "not the first woman president" Clinton in the main event.

Now it's going to be Congress's turn on the dance floor (unless you think his Trumpian achievement of the presidency has somehow transformed him into Mr Rogers!) I died and went to heaven! Bring it on!

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