Saturday, January 14, 2017

comment to UA's "two state solutuion is still the only game in town"

The two state solution is by no means the only game in town. But Uri Avnery can be forgiven for thinking it is, because as an unwilling Zionist he cannot see any other possibility. He cannot see beyond "Israel must have it Israel's way". The universe and the God of Zion declare it so. No other thought may enter the mind of man. No other thought exists. No other thought is possible. This is the Jewish delusion, amplified by the extremism of Zionism.
It reminds me of the Gordian knot. Big-ass impossibly tangled and knotted giant ball of rope-like material. Legend held that he who untangled the Gordian knot would conquer the world. From "inside the box" it looked like an impossibility, like the Israel/Palestine problem. But Alexander the Great would not be confined to "the box", and took out his sword and chopped up the Gordian knot, and then went on to conquer the world. Well, at any rate, most of the known world of the time.
So let me suggest that the one- and two-state solutions are inside the box thinking, and both are non-starters. Kabuki to cover the real goal, that has been the real goal from the start of the Zionist project: all of Eretz Israel for the Jews, and the Arabs, well,... "erased", "disappeared", "not in the picture".
Avnery, despite his sincerity is just fooling himself. Making himself feel good. With his ethical talk he salves his troubled conscience. I believe in his sincerity, but it's just nonsense. The liberal-Zionists are still Zionists, in league with the right-wing. They're playing the "good cop" to the right-wing's "bad cop". It's all just a stall. All the Jews, left and right, liberal and fascistic, want all of Palestine. Wanted it from the start. And now they have it. Next, they have to figure out how to legitimize their conquest, how to get the rest of the world to accept it.
Anyway, from the evidence available to us, that's how they see the situation.
Outside the Zionist box, there are any number of other solutions. One, which I call "the Zero-state solution", is the utter destruction of Israel. Problem solved. It's a solution, and a feasible one -- Israel, geographically small, could easily be obliterated with nukes -- but I don't approve: it's unoriginal, uncreative,...and well, nasty. But it serves to demonstrate that, in fact there are other possibilities than the phony one- and two-state "confinement". (Astonishingly, the Jews never acknowledge the possibility of Israel's destruction, despite there single-minded dedication to preventing it, and despite having failed to prevent it, repeatedly, for the last five-thousand years. Isn't this the definition of insanity? Oh well.)
Now if you are looking for a "workable" solution, one that prioritizes ***little to no bloodshed***, something other than the one- and two-state baloney, I have one for you. I hate it. You will hate it. But it has that one crucial element: it is achievable.
Sykes-Picot is dead. The region is in turmoil. Nation states are collapsing. Borders are gone. For the first time in a hundred years a reconfiguration is possible. In particular, the Sunni tribal region from the Upper Euphrates valley in the north to the Iraqi/Saudi border of Anbar in the south, is "in play". The world agrees, ISIS must be exterminated, but who will take their place? The Sunnis won't be dominated -- not willingly anyway -- by either Assad or by the Shia govt of Iraq. So what happens with this region? How can it be stabilized?
I see an opportunity here. Create Sunnistan. Build a shiny , modern, new country there. The Jews, Saudis, Brits provide the funding, and relocate the Palestinians to this, their new home.
Now, before you get all "it'll never work" on me, understand, this is a ***VOLUNTARY*** relocation. No Bayonets, no massacres, no repeat of the Nakba. Offer the Palestinians a deal too sweet to turn down: new house, new car, new cities, new roads, new jobs, a whole shiny new life,...with the Israeli jackboot off their throats. (This is Trump-the-real-estate-wizard's specialty.) The key: the f*cking Jews will love it and will do everything in there power to make it happen. And Jewish power, being what it is, the Jews will make it happen.
The Jews have won. Time to get over it and move on.

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