Wednesday, May 16, 2018

AW.C moderation back-up 5/16/2018

The Zionists, through their American fifth column, have
bought and repurposed the US govt since 1948 (if not before).
Congress is owned/subverted by AIPAC, with money
from the hoodwinked US J*wish community, to serve
Israeli interests ahead of American interests. And they
own the State Dept -- and with it US foreign policy
-- through more numerous and more abundantly-funded
policy shops in DC.

This "ownership" has been in effect through US
administrations at least back to Truman, but you,
addicted to Trump-hate, insist on making it about Trump.

It is the opposition to Trump, the opposition by folks
like you, in your refusal to help rebuild America, in
your petulance and emotional self-indulgence, that
drove Trump into the arms of the worst of America's
domestic enemies. Trump's failure to drain the
swamp falls squarely at the feet of those like you,
who refused to support the President in his efforts to
fix America.

Have a peaceful relationship with Russia,
Bring back American jobs (yes, it ***CAN*** be done),
Fix trade agreements unfavorable to US
Take care of America first,
Honor and support our vets by ending illegal,
costly, and counterproductive foreign wars,
Close foreign bases & bring US troops home,
Require other countries to provide for their own defense,
Have an America-first, which is to say, an
***Americans** first immigration policy,
Control the southern border,
Fix non-performing ACA health care,
But no! You hate Trump too much to help him do
these things for America. You'd rather see America
turn into a shithole country so that you could get
your jollies blaming Trump.
A Well-Informed Citizenry, Being Necessary To The
Security Of A Free State...
Good luck with that.

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