Monday, May 14, 2018

AW.C moderation back-up 5/14/2018

Actually, worse than the Nazis, because the lesson they took from the Holocaust, rather than humility and compassion, was how to "properly" conduct racial genocide.
(The truth is even worse. It could be said that the Nazis were schooled in their way of genocide by the Zionists themselves, who planned the "cleansing" of the Palestinians all the way back in 1897, at the dawn of the Zionist plan. But that would be overstatement. Genocide based on racial supremacism has been a human tribal practice from before the dawn of humanity. The J*ws didn't invent it, despite being early practitioners.)
A further irony: it is in fact the Palestinians who are the descendants of the J*ws of ancient Israel (long since converted to Islam) not the invading, white European Ashkenazis who are murdering them.

Apparently, unlike the J*ws, the followers of Islam were uneven in their following the directions of scripture. Not to mention that words in a book are different from actions in the real world. But you're Hasbara, your goal is to catapult the propaganda, to promote the lies that justify and obscure Zionist crimes. But these days you have an uphill battle, since the world sees the truth every day with their own "lying" eyes. You're strategy of threatening the whole world into submission is a flawed plan.

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