Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are you ready to rumble?

Obama was a phony and a weakling from the start. His war-mongering, and his appointment of HRC as Secretary of State were fully intentional, and consequently he deserves the indictment that ought to be issued. Barack declared at the start of his presidency that he would "look forward not back". That was his signal to the "Establishment" that he was one of them (or wanted to be) and would protect them. Trump's not a white-man-insider-wannabe. He's not interested in the DC Club Dickless. He's the big dog, the maestro of Club Trump, the only club that matters. Trump is the agent of benevolent destruction. He's bent on sweeping away the old, corrupt political order and rebuilding America and stamping it with the Trump brand. Magnificent ego! None but Trump voters like that one bit, but hey,... he won. Suck on that. Life's a bitch sometimes. Manhood is back! Trump said he wanted "to get along with Russia", and ever since then the deep state -- CIA et al -- want him in a box, dead or alive. Until Trump has control of the Justice Dept -- he has yet to assemble and install loyal Trumpista prosecutors and a fire-breathing FBI director gung ho to go after the DC criminal class -- he will have to be careful. The GOP old guard aren't going to impeach him, but just the same, they don't like him and don't support him, and are just waiting for 2020 and a chance to take back what they see as ***their*** party. Not gonna happen. Trump knows what they're thinking, and will sandbag them at the midterms. Bottom line, everyone -- the elites, the political class, the establishment, the Zionists, the deep state, the one percent,... whatever you want to call them -- all except Trump voters, want Trump hog-tied, gone, or dead, as they await 2020. That's their plan,... but they won't make it past 2018. The corrupt Dem/GOP neo-liberal dinosaurs were blasted in 2016 with a mass extinction event courtesy of asteroid Trump. What then of Trump's plan, Trump the fighter, Trump the president? Here's my prediction: when the Congress goes home for the August recess, Trump will do recess appointments to the DoJ: prosecutors and FBI director: Trump-loyalists, "Swamp Drainers" with the power to indict. Sphincters will tighten, and the real battle will begin. (Almost certainly this is wishful thinking on my part. Because my wishful predictions in previous electoral seasons have been consistently wrong, I can't really get myself to believe it I could be right this time, even though that's been the case so far in this strangest of electoral seasons. That said, the political class is up to its eyeballs in indictable offenses -- Iraq war and torture. Trump has the goods on them. He has the power once he has the prosecutors in place, to put every last one of them in an orange jumpsuit. ***IT IS FEASIBLE*** at the very least. Whereas, on the other side, despite trying as hard as they have, they have not yet been able to get the goods on Trump.) Finally a preview of what future episodes may look like. The "Russia Collusion" episode was a nothingburger. A tease. Profits for Rachel Maddow and CNN. Smoke but no fire. When Trump refused to be "smoked out" or tricked into obstructing or covering up, and the Russia thing faded, Mueller was brought in for the "wet work". Mueller's strategy is to dig deep into Trump's business dealings and find something, anything, on Donald jr, Eric, or Ivanka and then use that to either blackmail Trump into resigning, or bait him into attempting to protect his family with a cover-up. But,... as this cannot happen before the August Congressional recess, Trump has a clear shot, if he wants it, at taking down the DC criminal class. In Trump's arsenal, he has on one hand the power of indictment, and on the other hand, the Presidential pardon, ("Stick and Carrot", "Oro o plomo"). He can pre-emptively pardon his kids, thus neutering Mueller's plan in a stroke. (Acting as protector of his family is pure political heroism/genius for Trump.) He can appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Mueller and Comey for defrauding the United States by concocting phony post-911 "terror plots" against indigent American blacks. DC crime is so extensive that the list of possible Trump counter-attacks is nearly endless. And who can doubt that Trump has the talent -- the "temperament" -- for the political war that looms? Again, I am reminded of the words of Isoroku Yamamoto: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." I sent Trump to Washington to burn the place down. Let the August recess come and let the spectacle of political blood-letting begin. We shall see. MAGA.

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