Thursday, July 6, 2017

Letter to progressives: Jimmy Dore

If progressives would stroke this guy instead of hating on him, you could get everything you want. His detractors declare from the rooftops that he's a narcissist, in love with himself, the archetypal "young man from Nantucket", So lavish him with praise, affirmation, .... adulation even would be good, and he should give it up for you like a prom queen. I mean Jeez guys, have some imagination. This is a glass-half-full opportunity, and rather than taking it, you're turning him over to the Neocons. "On matters of policy, Trump cited waiting times at the VA before offering a solution: “If they have a nine-day wait,” Trump asked rhetorically, “why don’t they just go see a doctor and our country will pay the doctor? It’s really the least expensive thing that could happen. [We would] have to go out and negotiate some good prices with good doctors … Why don’t we do it?” Although he was speaking of the VA, Trump had just unwittingly endorsed the concept of Medicare For All." I'm a hard-left progressive and a Trump supporter. I sent him to Washington to burn the place down. In 2016 he bitch-slapped the GOP and helped HRC self-terminate and take the Dem party down with her. When Congress recesses in August, Trump will appoint **his** prosecutors and **his** FBI Director, so that the war to Drain the Swamp can begin in earnest.

Then in 2018, with healthcare a Gordian knot still to be unraveled, Trump will blame it on the GOP old guard, and primary them out. If you're there stroking his ego, and telling him that he can be **The Greatest American President of All Time** if he enacts the single-payer system, which 84% of Americans want, bingo! you win,... by helping him to win. I mean c'mon guys, get creative.

The Republican Party (tm) is in receivership, on the auction block, up for grabs. Meanwhile, Trump is steeped in NY liberal values, self-love, and big money strategic pragmatism. When are you going to get a better, more malleable vehicle than that? (Hint: never.) So get over your "two minutes of hate" daily dose of hating on the **old** GOP, and take possession of the embryonic Trumpublican party, and mold-slash-drag it (kicking and screaming if necessary) to the populist center. Trump is not the enemy, he is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Hey, just a thought. BY the way, Jimmy, if you get to read this, I'd like a Google hangouts chat with you. A hard-left progressive & Trump supporter; might be interesting.

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