Monday, November 28, 2016

Worse than a crime...

"'s the neocons and their salaried brain dead puppets, all a pack of lying scumbags responsible for the deaths of millions." Love the fierce intensity of your language. If more people would call out these traitorous rat-b@stards -- The Neoconservatives: Agents of Zionism -- using language like yours, language proportionate to the supreme international criminality of these death-worshipping monsters, and naming them, and naming the Zionist evil that spawns their savage predations, maybe the world would at last rise up and hold them accountable and terminate their insane agenda -- Full Spectrum Dominance: the Wolfowitz Doctrine: the Zionist-owned US jackboot on the throat of every human being on the planet. [Too harsh? Too "anti-Semitic" -- bleeeeck! -- for (the moderators et al)? How much truth is too much truth?] Full disclosure, as always: I'm an American and a Jew. But I will not condone the Zionist criminal project. Founded as it is on the destruction of Palestinian humanity, it is a geopolitical crime-in-progress, and cannot but end badly. Heed then, before it's too late, the old French political truism: "It was worse than a crime, it was a mistake."

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