Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Cult of Zionism

Response to Mazzel Stof's comments to the article:
New CIA Chief Was Excited About Attacking Syria’s Assad
Your screen name "Mazzel Stof" is clearly a modification of "mazzeltof". Thus I conclude you are Jewish. Consequently, it is almost certain -- and your comments indicate as much -- that you are biased by the Zionist Kool-Aid.
There is no doubt that Syria is a majority Muslim country, and that Muslim values predominate. This, in much the same way that the US is a predominately Christian country where Christian values predominate. That's not in dispute. But just as the US governmental tradition maintains a separation of church and state -- a secularism at the government level -- Baathism does the same.
The dominant religious values of a nation inevitably "leak into" and influence the behaviors of government, composed as it is of humans who cannot but act in accord with those values when making decisions, including decisions of state, but that is quite different from the state being overtly theocratic in nature.
Your refusal to acknowledge these self-evident features of the Syrian state suggest that you are a Zionist seeking to demonize Syria as a Muslim enemy state.
A cultish tribal loyalty for Israel and Zionism have forced your thinking into the distortions of reality necessary to justify to yourself the ongoing crimes of Zionism. Consequently, the secular nature of the Syrian regime, a good thing, must be discredited in order to maintain the belligerent stance:
Try this instead:
Israel=Zionist theocracy=geopolitical-crime-in-progress=enemy (of world peace).
Israel is a violent, criminal, anti-democratic, theocratic state ***POSING*** as a secular democracy.
The defects in your beliefs and ethics are almost incurable, as explained here:
"Why I left he cult" by Avigail Abarbanel
I'm an American and a jew, but tribal loyalty cannot compel me to condone, much less support, Jewish/Zionist crimes.

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