Thursday, October 13, 2016

Feel the Burn

On the Unz Review, in the comments section to Nuclear Poker by Israel Shamir

Phillip Owen writes:

"Also, the Syrian government did commit massacres of Sunnis over the decades."

The US massacred: Native Americans, enslaved Africans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, US Confederate rebels, and many many others; beyond direct mass murder, the US abetted oppression, coups de etat, slaughter, and torture in countries across the planet:  Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Angola, South Africa, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, now Syria, Palestine of course, Egypt, now Yemen, Panama, Grenada, and others, many many others.

This BS about Assad being a bad guy is total Kool-Aid.  When the Confederate South revolted against the North a slaughter ensued.  Surprise! surprise! Revolt leads to civil war which, being war, involves "massacres".  That's what war is, one giant massacre fest.  When Sunnis revolt in Syria, they are slaughtered until they get the message, which is: if you take up arms against the govt you will be slaughtered without mercy.  This is reality.  This is the real world.  The idea that when "we" slaughter it it a humanitarian act, and when "they" slaughter back its terrorism or "genocide", is the criminal insanity of tribal "exceptionalism".

Hafez al Assad -- father of today's Bashar -- put down the Hama rebellion of 1982 by surrounding the rebel area and  subjecting it to a relentless artillery bombardment until 20,000 were dead and the rebels -- Muslim Brotherhood Islamists -- surrendered.  Thirty-five years later, the Neocon-subverted US, acting as Israel's proxy, has fomented a war of aggression against Syria, and pawned it off as a "legitimate" civil war.  In their arrogance, HRC and her Neocon accomplices in the State Dept thought they could duplicate their "success" in Libya and send Assad packing.  But they were wrong, and now instead of a few thousand dead rebels and peace restored, we are approaching half-a-million dead, millions fleeing for their lives, and confrontation with a Radical Islamic Terrorist cancer, funded, armed, and unleashed by Obama/Clinton to rampage across the planet.

And if that isn't bad enough, we're about to suffer the election of HRC to the Presidency of the World's-Greatest-Death-Machine.  Meet Hillary Rodham Clinton, the enthusiastic "point-person and executor" of Mideast horrors, she who destroys entire countries, who believes she can repeat in Syria her "no-fly-zone success" from Libya, who arms terrorist monsters, who is so arrogant that she thinks she can face down nuclear-armed Russia, and a person of such frustrated ambition and depravity that she chortled in delight at the sodomized-to-death-by-bayonet of the legitimate head of state of Libya, a country she transformed from a stable and prosperous nation -- 2nd highest standard of living in Africa -- to a death zone of savagery and barbarism.  Thus did Hillary Rodham Clinton bestow upon the Libyan people the great American blessing of "freedom and democracy"!

War is a business horrific beyond words.  Under HRC, somewhere on the planet someone is likely to "feel the burn", the nuclear burn that is, pray that it isn't someone you care about. 

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