Sunday, October 30, 2016

A presidential pardon for Hillary?

An aspect not yet mentioned -- have any of you seen or heard a peep? -- Presidential pardon.
There must be whole bunches of folks thinking hard about this, but no one is talking. Please, start the conversation. I want to hear from youse guys, what do you think?
If Hillary loses, Obama pardons her in a heartbeat. If she wins, ditto (or not?), but with ***unprecedented*** political consequences, which would take the US political system into truly uncharted territory. And then... what about a pardon in the next few days, before the election? Boom! A frikkin' political nuke,.. in an electoral season where the spectacle leaps by the minute to a new, ever more spectacularly outrageous level.
So far, deafening silence. Mum's the word. How is that possible? I mean shouldn't the Trump side at least, be going to town, preemptively shouting their condemnation of the planned, expected, predictable, and thoroughly corrupt nature of a looming -- yeah, speculative and semi-fictional like the Russia/Wikileaks/Trump Manchurian candidacy, but so what? -- Presidential pardon?
Ford pardoned NIxon ***on the way out***, a totally different creature than a pardon for Hillary ***on the way in***.
I'm goin' a little crazy wondering, astonished, "How?,... Why?,... the silence?
Surely someone has said something and I've just missed it, right? Help me out here.

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