Saturday, August 15, 2015

Twice rejected post to Mondoweiss

The following post was twice submitted as a comment to Mondoweiss in response to "Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby",, on Aug 7th and then again on Aug 8th 2015, and subsequently rejected by the moderators. I post it here so that it should remain available for viewing, and I leave it for the reader to judge whether it deserves to be censored.


Sadly, Israel has become the path to "yet again". [I was responding to a comment that used the phrase "never again".] And the horrible tragic irony is that the American Jewish community, so central in Israel's "survival", has become the enabler, now fully complicit, in Israel's crimes.  Adding to this tragedy is the fact that they fell into this fateful role unwittingly by virtue of a combination of tribal loyalty and a hopeful, optimistic, and reasonable-seeming-but-empirically-misguided belief in the Zionist plan for a universalist Jewish utopia.  

The plan was that a Jewish state would be the enabler of a Jewish "blossoming" and a fortress, at last, for Jewish security.  But "milk and honey" turned almost immediately into "blood and bile" because the real plan, the "hidden" plan, called for founding the utopia on the "erasure" of the Palestinians.  Now the whole business has descended into a psychopathic catastrophe -- a path straight to the next holocaust -- dragging semi-innocent diaspora Jews the world over down into the darkness along with both the desperately sane and the psychotically captive Israelis.

The only way I see to pull back from this Zionist murder-suicide juggernaut is for American Jews to wake up, do an about face, and compel the US to carry out an "intervention".  By which I most certainly do not mean an intervention in the Neocon military "shock and awe" sense, but rather the "love-bombing" of friends who step in to restrain the afflicted from further violence, and put them -- no matter how unwilling -- on a path to "recovery".  

The alternative is a world-wide anti-Jewish reaction, which given Isreali nukes could mean a horror beyond imagination.  

Now maybe I'm wrong.  If so, please, please show me how.  Please, because God, I want so badly to be wrong.     

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