Friday, August 14, 2015

Truth is the first casualty

From RT,... and my comment.

ISIS leader reportedly raped American hostage

Right.  And then we have Saddam's al Qaeda connections, Saddam's WMDs, the mushroom cloud smoking gun, the Tonkin Gulf incident, incubator babies, Gaddafi gives viagra to his black African troops, Iran wants nukes, Iran’s psycho mullahs will nuke Israel the moment they have the bomb, Assad used chemical weapons in Ghouta, Saddam's chemical weapons drones 45 minutes from U.S. shores, …. the list is endless, and it’s all bull.

Truth is the first casualty.  

War is a nasty business. Soldiers are inevitably above the law.  “Enemy” civilians are killed indiscriminately, both accidentally and intentionally, and the women of the enemy are utterly unprotected and consequently raped arbitrarily depending on the whim of the individual soldier.  These offenses are either ignored entirely or punished with a slap on the wrist. Americans raped Vietnamese, Iraqi, and Afghan women. The Japanese raped and murdered across East Asia. Russians raped German women almost comprehensively as they advanced on Berlin. It's the same in every war in every time in every place. Rape, torture, and murder are what wars unleash uniformly.  War is the ultimate crime and will remain so until outlawed.

Women and loot were “spoils of war”, the payment for soldiers from the time of Troy and for thousands of years afterward. Ancient warriors would kill each other on the battlefield and then rape and loot the defeated city. The surviving civilians, if not killed, would most certainly be enslaved, just another form of loot.  In modern warfare, the massive industrial production of bombs and shells, and the inaccuracy of aerial and artillery bombardment result in the indiscriminate killing of thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Today, in place of enslavement we have “collateral damage” on a massive scale.

No doubt ISIS uses its “infidel” female captives -- ie women of the enemy -- for sexual purposes, and without question, the Western media will characterize this as vicious barbarism employing the word “rape”, with its reliably inflammatory potential, to inflame a passionate hatred and gain the passionate support of its Western populations.  Yet, as unquestionably barbaric as it is, within the barbarism of war it somehow becomes justified and legitimate.  Just as American strategists could explain the “rationality” of the nuclear annihilation of all humanity, the fighters, morale officers, strategists, and ideologues of Koranic conquerors will no doubt explain the strategic and cultural validity of the sexual humiliation of the enemy through the sexual conquest of their women.  Or somesuch equally monstrous concoction of justification.

In the end, Western industrial violence and propaganda stand on an equal plane with Koranic propaganda and violence.  War is always a crime.

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