Thursday, March 29, 2018

Trump is just the opening act

The United States invented al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. By overthrowing Saddam, the United States enabled al-Qaeda in Iraq. The regime change attempt by CIA-supported Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria enabled the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Syria, which then morphed into ISIS. The CIA regime-change proxy war forced the re-positioning of the Syrian Army to defensible positions. That meant a withdrawal from Eastern Syria and redeployment for the defense of the Damascus population centers. That in turn created the power vacuum in Eastern Syria that enabled the creation of ISIS in Syria, the re-invasion of Iraq, and the creation of the ISIS Caliphate.

The Neocon-subverted/Israel-subverted US remains the world's foremost "useful idiot" state sponsor of jihadi terrorism,... on behalf of Israel.

So the entire shjtstorm in the Mideast is entirely the result of the United States Neocon-dominated, State Department-directed foreign policy, which, simply put, is the United States acting as Israel's bjtch.

HRC under Obama "uncorked" Libya, and along with the CIA-initiated (on behalf of Israel) Syria killing fields, open the African and Syrian Arab "refugee" floodgates to Europe.

Welcome to the world devastated by the Zionists. The United States subverted -- turned into Israel's bjtch -- by AIPAC and the neocons. With the centerpiece of United States foreign policy the Wolfowitz -- arch Neocon Zionist agent -- Doctrine: "The American jackboot must forever remain on the world's throat."

The conquest of America by Israel is complete. The looting of America by the Neo-liberals is complete. And as for Mr. Trump, rather than Trump draining the Swamp, the Swamp appears to have drained him.

Only two glimmers of hope remain. First, Trump still has 2 years and 9 months to go in which to turn things around, And second, the people who voted for Trump -- and Bernie -- to fix the broken US, are still out there, and still committed to the revolt against a corrupt system controlled by "the owners of this country".

So if and when Trump turns out to be unable -- not tough enough -- to take down those who have subverted and looted the country, someone else will come along, someone who ***WILL BE*** tough enough.
Trump is merely the opening act.

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