Thursday, August 10, 2017

MAGA time

Looking back on the economic and military catastrophe of the last 30 years, when the government was in the hands of the putatively "stable and balanced", I would ask: What is stable and balanced, who is stable and balanced, and just what strategy -- mass murder across the face of the planet as a means, a failed means, of "rescuing" people and installing the godhead of democracy,... vs something... (anything)... else -- will give human beings on this planet safety and prosperity? What is this "Presidential temperament" that we hear so much about, that serves as a measure of the qualification for that office? A willingness to calmly commit mass murder beyond our shores? A willingness to convert our own citizens into cattle for the benefit of the wealthy of the world? Is that it? Could this possibly be an error? Could this possibly be the reason our country has been reduced to chaotic bitterness, a looted despotic shell?
Could it be that what humanity needs now -- what America needs now -- is a loud-mouthed, bullying a-hole who can slap the shjt out of the murdering, thieving, lying criminals who have been screwing the entire world since the end of WW2?
I vote yes. I voted yes. I voted Trump. Maybe he will succeed in his effort to "Drain the Swamp" and "Make America Great Again". Maybe he will fail. Whatever. But the second American Revolution has begun. The American people have their eyes open now. They've had enough, and have declared war on the rigged system. Bernie took it to the enemy, giving his almost-all before falling in defeat. Then Trump, leveraging the smug complacency and corrupt over-confidence of his adversaries swept them away... in his, the first battle, of the Trumpian revolution.
Now we wait to see how the fortunes of war will play out. But the game is on. Battle is joined,... at last.
Manhood is back. The pussification of America is over. MAGA, motherf***er.

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