Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trump is Trump, not (favorite boogieman here).

Don, a commenter to
got all frothy and played the Hitler card.  It's 1933 all over again.  So I sought to soothe his tortured soul.  Well, kind of.
"Trump is Hitler!" "Hitler is Trump!" "Putin is Hitler!" "Saddam is Hitler!" "Gaddafi is Hitler!" "Netanyahu is Hitler!" "Martha Stewart is Hitler!" "Hitler is Rosie O'Donnell!" "Rosie O'Donnell is the Profit Mohammad!"  "Tony Blair is Richard Prior!" "Dick Cheney is Darth Vader!" "Hugo Chavez is Nancy Pelosi!" "Nancy Pelosi is Lou Reed!" "Colonel Sanders is Linda Ronstadt!" "Big Bird is Larry Wide Stance!" "Le Pétomane is Secretariat!" "Up is down!" "Left is right!" "Hitler is Hitler!" "The sky is falling!"
Give me a break.
Trump is an immensely successful real-estate developer, brand merchandiser, reality-tv showman, New York celebrity complete w/NY bluntness, a former celebrated man-about-town turned family man in business with his kids, a New York version of the Waltons (both the ones on the mountain and the ones who own Walmart). Horatio Alger from the Big Apple. A larger-than-life super achiever. He's rude and crude and he doesn't do "tone". His impolitic bluntness is the antidote to Kool-Aid-saturated political correctness. He's the reality-television version of Elon Musk. You love him or hate him (envy and the alpha-male instinct). He's authentic and he's meteoric. He's a builder, not a destroyer, not a killer.
Lose the hysteria. You wish you were Donald Trump, same as you might wish you were Hugh Hefner. It's okay. We're all human. We understand secret love.

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