Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Militarism and the human instinct for violence

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Because this is Military dot com, where they don't believe in any truth that is not the US-Military-approved-truth, which of course is no truth at all....
The military -- any military -- is a top-down, control-obsessed, totalitarian, Orwellian, death cult. They try to dress themselves up as good guys, because they actually want to be good guys, but they can't alter the ancient truth: humans have an instinct for violence that they have never been able to contain, and some males who are both charismatic and over the top psychotic, can cast a spell over other almost-as-psychotic males -- especially when they're all hungry or pussy-deprived -- and the whole gang will go out on a rampage of killing and raping and pillaging.
This being the case, every orderly and peaceful community must needs have a group of stalwarts to defend against such "enemies", but sadly, those "stalwarts" are possessed of the same ferocious instincts as the enemy, and led by the community's own charismatic leader, eventually become the very danger they were created to defend against.
Humanity needs to solve the “problem” of militarism and the human instinct for violence. Sensible folks need to join together to eliminate militarism.

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