Thursday, March 24, 2011

To End War

Seymour Hersch at the New Yorker's News Desk Blog, submits this post:

Why is the face of the dead Afghan obscured? Sensitivity? I don't think so.

Why are the other 3996 photos being withheld? Sensitivity? I don't think so.

Why did the flag-draped coffins arrive at Dover Air Force Base in the middle of the night, with photographs disallowed? Sensitivity? I don't think so.

I think the answer is blatantly clear to absolutely everyone, both war supporters and war opponents. And it's not sensitivity.

It's consequences.

The war makers (political profiteers), war supporters (emotional profiteers), war reporters (media profiteers), and the war-equipment suppliers (commercial profiteers) require the up-close-and-personal horror of war be concealed from the view of regular folk. Because... well, I hardly have to state the obvious, do I?

Personally, I want every gout of blood, every bit of ripped flesh, every bit of burned flesh, every grotesquely shattered body, the face of every corpse, frozen in a rictus of horror and pain, every scream, moan, wail, and gukking, gurgling, choking last gasp recorded, and presented for viewing in full motion video to every person on the planet.

Sensitivity notwithstanding.

For the leadership of war, I want their presence at the public viewing of these records to be compulsory. Likewise for the publishers and corporate owners of media (presumably the reporters and editors will have already seen these materials). Likewise for the war-for-profit "businessmen".

Then, I'd like to see some accountability.

You have heard of the Accountabilty Party, haven't you?

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