Monday, February 19, 2018

It's a new, digitally-connected world.

HRC disdained to campaign in the rust belt states that went to Trump. She called the white working class"Deplorable". She had more money than god, much of which she got from Wall Street. The Deep State, Neoliberal corporate actors, and all media save Fox, went all out to destroy Trump ..... and he still won. With all these establishment forces against him, who exactly was -- and long has been -- subverting American Democracy. Frankly, I'm thrilled at whatever help the American people may have received from any citizen anywhere in the world, to help Americans to restore in any degree some semblance of true democracy in the US. It is the "owners" of the country, the oligarchs who have so long maintained the one-dollar-one-vote tyranny-posing-as-democracy, that have robbed Americans of a just, truly democratic system of governance.
The world is global now, thanks to the internet. Influence-by-persuasion, using internet communication tools is far superior -- vastly cheaper, more efficient, and free of the criminal violence -- of politics by jackboot. The US has long used the full spectrum of influence from propaganda to straight up military force to violate the rights of foreign citizens to be the masters in their own countries. If the world is now equipped to compete using the violence-free influence-by-information-deployment, I say "Bring it on!" And to whatever extent Putin or Russia or Facebook is responsible for initiating/enabling/promoting this new non-violent, information-based mechanism for rivalry between sovereign powers, I say "Thank you Mr. Putin, and thank you Mr. Zuckerberg." It's a major improvement in human affairs when rivalry by words replaces rivalry by death machines.

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