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9/11: Saudis, Israelis, and Zionist captivity

My reply to pensword re Saudi/Israeli involvement in 9/11:

I agree, both the Saudi and Israeli govts were involved: the Saudis in financing and the Israelis in "shepherding".
A separate, overarching, and much more difficult matter however, is the subversion of the US govt by the Israelis. The Neocons -- Israeli agents -- currently control the Executive(Trump may boot them, we shall see.), and AIPAC -- Israeli agents -- has for many years maintained ownership of the House and Senate.
Breaking out of Zionist "captivity" is a yuuuge challenge. Consider, its mention is taboo in the MSM media, dangerous in the alternate media, and a life destroying, career-killing offense in politics, media, academia, commerce,... hell, across the spectrum of civil and cultural participation.
The Jews have once again risen to prominence among the powers of the world, and loyalty to Israel is their poisoned chalice. But it is perilous to state as much. I can only do so because I'm an old, retired, pissy-ass, Jew-of-no-importance-whatsoever, living happily, and comfortably below my means, in Brigadoon.


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